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Your resource & guide for Peloton rumors, announcements & breaking news, from the newest instructors, new product information (Peloton Rower, Generation 2 Treadmill, Smart bike, etc), and much more!

Looking for what’s next in the Peloton World? You’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find some of the most recent news from Peloton, as well as what Peloton is working on next. Please Note – this page does not contain all our news articles, just some major highlights! To see our full list of news articles, click here.

New Peloton Devices – Rower, Version 2 (Cheaper) Treadmill, Version 2 Smart Bike

Each product has it’s own dedicated portal with the latest news & rumors for each product there. Click into the specific product you want to find more information about. Some of the most recent news about them are listed below, but click into a product page for more information.

Peloton Product Information Pages

Latest Peloton Hardware News & Rumors & Announcements

New Peloton Instructors & Coaching Changes & Other Rumors & Announcements

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