Pelothon 2020 Guide – Teams, Badges, Requirements, FAQs & more!

After teasing Peloton 2020 yesterday, Peloton officially unveiled details about the Pelothon 2020 with a new webpage today: We break down the details about the challenge, and answer from FAQs about Pelothon 2020!

Pelothon 2020 Results & Winners

Looking to find out who the overall winner of Pelothon 2020 is? We just published a detailed post (click here), breaking down the overall winners, and a look into the stats for each week.

Pelothon Progress Tracking Tool!

Want to create an image to track your progress during each week? Check out our new tool here.

What is Pelothon 2020?

This is a 4 week challenge to get people motivated and working out, build some comradery, earn some new badges, and help Peloton raise some money for 4 charities

When is Pelothon 2020?

Pelothon 2020 will run from July 13th – August 9th, 2020.

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What are the Pelothon 2020 challenges each week?

The Pelothon is divided into 4 different weeks of challenges. Each week has a specific task you need to complete. Don’t worry, they are all achievable!!!!

Pelothon Week 1 Challenge Workouts & Requirements (7/13 – 7/19)

Take any class from every coach on your team. The classes in the collections for Week 1 are only suggestions – scroll down below the other week requirements for our Week 1 FAQ covering this, including confirmation from Peloton. Worried about how to do this without a bike or tread? Do one of your coaches 5 minute stretching classes, it will count!. The list of classes in each suggested collection for Week 1 are at the very bottom of this guide!

New! – Use our new tool to keep track of your progress in Week 1 and share with your friends

Pelothon Week 2 Challenge Workouts & Requirements (7/20 – 7/26)

Take the Pelothon Live Class challenge. You’ll see a new challenge show up via the bike, tread, or web app you’ll need to join. Take 2 classes from this challenge this week.

FAQs – Note that your 2 classes can be from ANY instructor, not just those on your team. Peloton’s wording on that is “Then, take any two live classes taught by any instructor.” Note that you will need to opt into a challenge, which you can do from your bike, tread, or with this link!. The class list of live classes is live on Peloton’s website now.

Do Encore classes count towards Week 2 of Pelothon? Unfortunately not – only live classes will count. Peloton has explicitly clarified this via social media, stating “No, Encore classes do not count towards the Week 2 Challenge; only Live classes will count.”

Updated! – Use our progress tracking tool to keep track of your progress in Week 2 and share with your friends

Pelothon Week 3 Challenge Workouts & Requirements (7/27 – 8/02)

Take the Pelothon 5/7 Active Days challenge. Another challenge you’ll need to join via the bike, tread or web-app. Join, and take any 5 classes during the week.

Update – The Week 3 challenge is live. Opt in here.
Updated! – The progress tracking tool has been updated to allow you to track your Week 3 progress now!

Pelothon Week 4 Challenge Workouts & Requirements (8/03 – 8/09)

Take a special Pelothon 2020 class & give 10 High Fives. Peloton will have a special Pelothon 2020 class you’ll need to take sometime this week

Update: – Week 4 originally had a 2nd part, which was to give 10 high fives during the week. They removed this requirement, so now, all you have to do is take one of the special Pelothon classes

The Pelothon classes can be taken live, encore, or on-demand. They can be with any coach.

What/When are the Pelothon 2020 classes for week 4

  • Chase Tucker – 10 min Pelothon 2020 Strength – Mon, Aug 3 @ 7:45PM ET
  • Leanne Hainsby – 30 min Pelothon 2020 Pop Ride – Tue, Aug 4 @ 9:00AM ET
  • Aditi Shah – 10 min Pelothon 2020 Meditation – Tue, Aug 4 @ 10:45AM ET
  • Anna Greenberg – 30 min Pelothon 2020 Yoga Flow – Tue, Aug 4 @ 6:00PM ET
  • Becs Gentry – 20 min Pelothon 2020 Classical Run – Wed, Aug 5 @ 10:30AM ET
  • Christine D’Ercole – 10 min Pelothon 2020 Arms Toning – Wed, Aug 4 @ 6:45PM ET

** Note – Christine’s class was originally scheduled for Tuesday night but has been moved to Wednesday night instead.

Each week’s worth of challenges ends on Sunday @ 11:59pm PT.

Finish all 4 weeks, and you’ll get 4 weekly badges, and then one special overall Pelothon badge!

Week 1 FAQ – Can I take any class by my team’s coaches for Week 1 of Pelothon 2020, or must it be one of the classes from the collection?
Peloton has used wording for Week 1 saying “Find every class you need on your team’s Collection.” & “These instructor-curated picks update weekly to keep you on track.” Peloton has clarified: “Take one class with each instructor on your team to earn a special badge. The Collections are only for inspiration” Given that Android users, and other digital only users, can’t see or view collections, this makes sense, as that would block out some of the members from participating! Peloton also updated their Instagram post, stating “Any class in our entire library or schedule counts towards the challenge, as long as they’re taught by the instructors on your team. We’ve provided some example classes in Collections if you’re not sure where to start!”. Speaking of the collections, you can find the list of classes for each team for the collection at the bottom of the guide!

Will the All For One classes, or other multi-instructor / Two For One workouts count for Week 1?. Unfortuantely not! You’ll want to make sure to take classes with only one instructor to get credit for Week 1. Peloton has clarified this over social media, saying “No, All For One and other multi-instructor classes do not count towards the challenge. Please take classes taught individually by all the instructors on your team to complete the challenge.”

What are the Pelothon Teams

Peloton has created 6 different teams, with each team consisting of 5-6 instructors. You get to pick which team you want to join. Choose carefully, as one of the challenges will be to do a class from each coach on your team within a week! Peloton also has assigned a “suggested” workout time for each team, but that won’t impact the challenge at all.

Alex Toussaint
Chelsea Jackson Roberts
Christine D’Ercole
Hannah Frankson
Irene Scholz
Matty Maggiacomo
Aditi Shah
Andy Speer
Hannah Marie Corbin
Robin Arzon
Tunde Oyeneyin
Jess King
Leanne Hainsby
Olivia Amato
Rebecca Kennedy
Ross Rayburn
Sam Yo

Adrian Williams
Chase Tucker
Emma Lovewell
Jenn Sherman
Kendall Toole
Matt Wilpers
Becs Gentry
Cody Rigsby
Erik Jager
Jess Sims
Kristin McGee
Ally Love
Anna Greenberg
Ben Alldis
Denis Morton
Selena Samuela

How do I join Pelothon 2020

To join, you simply join one of the Peloton tags (not familiar with Peloton tags? See our guide here). If you browse the team section on the Pelothon website, they have easy links to click to join each team from there. Alternatively, you can manually add the tags to your profile. Note that you can only join one team for Pelothon – if you join 2 team tags, you’ll automatically be assigned into a random one. For Weeks 2 & 3, you’ll have to take the extra step of opting into a challenge through the Peloton website or on your bike or tread.

Can App / Peloton Digital users join the Pelothon?

Yes! Peloton app users will be able to join Pelothon. Most app users will need to use a web browser to join a team (by adding a hashtag) as well as joining the week 2 / week 3 challenges (iOS users can do it via their app, but Android, Roku, AppleTV, Firestick, etc will need to use a web browser). Once you’ve added the tag, and once it’s time, opted into the challenges, Peloton will track your progress through the Pelothon automatically.

How do I give high fives as an app user? How do I complete Week 4 without a bike or tread?

Update – This FAQ originally existed because part of Week 4 was needing to give 10 high fives. That requirement has now been removed!

Valid question. App platforms like the Roku, Apple TV, and others, don’t support high five. The good news is, Peloton has been providing guidance on social media that app-only users will be able to get a badge for Week 4 just by taking the special Pelothon 2020 class – they won’t have to do the high five portion. “App only user can take the Pelothon 2020 class to complete the challenge and receive the badge for week 4.”

I don’t own a Peloton Tread or Bike. I also don’t own any sort of bike or treadmill? Can I still do Pelothon?

Yes! Most likely you are asking because Week 1 involves taking 1 class from every coach on your team, and a lot of the coaches are Tread or Bike coaches. The good news is, they have lots of stretching classes in the on-demand library, so just take one of their 5 minute stretching classes, and you’ll meet the criteria for Week 1!

I’m an Android user – we don’t have access to Challenges. How can I complete Weeks 2 & 3 of Pelothon?

It’s true, the Android app is missing a lot of features the iOS app does, including Challenges. However, earlier this year Peloton added a new Challenges section to the website, so that people can opt into challenges via the Peloton website. So for Android users, and other app users who don’t have challenges-in app, you’ll want to pull up Peloton’s website with your web browser, log in, and go to the Challenges section there. You’ll be able to opt in, and once you do, you’ll be able to get credit for the challenge and complete that week of the Pelothon.

What is Pelothon raising money for? What are the charities for Pelothon 2020?

Peloton will be donating $1 million dollars combined, split across 4 charities. The charities for Pelothon 2020 are: Food Bank For New York City, The Trussell Trust, Die Tafel, and Daily Bread Food Break.

Do I have to do the Pelothon rides at specific times? I see times listed next to the teams?

The team times for Pelothon are there as suggestions only. It is likely that during the time listed, there will be a lot of your teammates there. However, it is not required to ride at the team time to complete the Pelothon 2020. You can ride whatever time works best for you, as long as it is within the week!

Does my Pelothon team tag need to be my primary (starred) one, and be visible when I do the workout, or do I get credit as long as I’ve joined it?

You *do not* need to make your team tag your primary tag when doing a ride to qualify. As long as the team tag is on your profile, you will get credit.

I completed one workouts with each instructor for week 1. When do I get my Week 1 Pelothon badge

Unlike some other challenges and rides, for Pelothon, you will not immediately get your badge upon completion of the workouts. Instead, Peloton will run a process each Monday to see who completed the previous week. That means that some time on Monday, July 20th, Peloton will go through and award the Week 1 Pelothon badges

Pelothon 2020 Week 1 Class List

#BreakthroughCrew Pelothon 2020 Week 1 Class List

  • Jenn Sherman – 5/29/20 @ 12:00am ET – 30 min Intervals & Arms: Live From Home
  • Chase Tucker – 6/19/20 @ 9:30am ET – 30 min Juneteenth Run
  • Emma Lovewell – 6/16/20 @ 6:45pm ET – 15 min Low Impact Ride
  • Kendall Toole – 6/25/20 @ 6:00pm ET – 45 min Interval & Arms Ride
  • Adrian Williams – 5/22/20 @ 10:00am ET – 20 min HIIT Run
  • Matt Wilpers – 4/5/19 @ 2:30pm ET – 20 min Power Zone Beginner Ride
  • Emma Lovewell – 4/30/19 @ 3:00pm ET – 10 min Core Strength
  • Matt Wilpers – 3/11/20 @ 6:35am ET – 10 min Strength for Runners
  • Chase Tucker – 6/13/20 @ 6:00pm ET – 30 min Pride Full Body Strength
  • Jenn Sherman – 7/1/20 @ 12:30pm ET – 30 min Classic Rock Ride: Live From Home
  • Adrian Williams – 5/26/20 @ 6:35pm ET – 20 min Premiere Bodyweight Strength
  • Kendall Toole – 6/10/20 @ 4:30pm ET – 30 min Metal Ride

#GritAndGraceGang Pelothon 2020 Week 1 Class List

  • Ben Alldis – 1/7/20 @ 2:00am ET – 30 min Climb Ride
  • Ally Love – 3/8/20 @ 11:45am ET – 30 min Women of Pop Ride
  • Selena Samuela – 6/6/20 @ 10:00am ET – 15 min HIIT Cardio
  • Anna Greenberg – 4/3/20 @ 2:05pm ET – 20 min Yoga Flow
  • Denis Morton – 2/21/20 @ 10:30am ET – 30 min BHM: Fresh Friday Ride
  • Ben Alldis – 5/26/20 @ 10:30am ET – 10 min Arms Toning
  • Denis Morton – 10/29/19 @ 6:00pm ET – 30 min Yoga Flow
  • Selena Samuela – 3/6/20 @ 7:00am ET – 20 min Arms & Shoulders Strength
  • Anna Greenberg – 2/25/20 @ 8:00am ET – 30 min Power Yoga
  • Ally Love – 12/23/19 @ 10:05am ET – 10 mins Arms Toning
  • Selena Samuela – 8/29/19 @ 11:00am ET – 20 min Country Fun Walk

#HouseOfShine Pelothon 2020 Week 1 Class List

  • Rebecca Kennedy – 6/8/20 @ 6:00pm ET – 20 min EDM Run
  • Sam Yo – 6/26/20 @ 8:00am ET – 30 min Pride: Broadway Ride
  • Leanne Hainsby – 6/23/20 @ 9:00am ET – 30 min Disco Ride: Live From Home
  • Olivia Amato – 3/3/20 @ 8:35am ET – 10 min Core Strength
  • Jess King – 6/22/20 @ 12:30pm ET – 30 min Pride Ride: Live From home
  • Leanne Hainsby – 6/20/20 @ 4:25am ET – 20 min Pop Ride
  • Rebecca Kennedy – 6/3/20 @ 4:00pm ET – 20 min Bodyweight Strength
  • Olivia Amato – 3/2/20 @ 11:30am ET – 30 min New Tracks Ride
  • Ross Rayburn – 6/10/20 @ 10:00am ET – 5 min Patience Meditation
  • Ross Rayburn – 6/17/20 @ 3:30pm ET – 30 min Pride Yoga Flow
  • Jess King – 5/28/20 @ 5:00pm ET – 20 min Hip Hop Ride
  • Sam Yo – 6/20/20 @ 5:00am ET – 30 min 80s Ride

#LegendsOfFun Pelothon 2020 Week 1 Class List

  • Becs Gentry – 3/6/20 @ 11:10am ET – 10 min Core Strength
  • Kristin McGee – 5/29/20 @ 5:30pm ET – 45 min Yoga Flow
  • Cody Rigsby – 6/18/20 @ 6:00pm ET – 30 min HIIT & Hills Ride
  • Erik Jager – 6/13/20 @ 6:00am ET – 20 min Pride Ride
  • Jess Sims – 1/9/20 @ 7:00am ET – 20 min 90s Fun Run
  • Erik Jager – 6/4/20 @ 3:00am ET – 20 min Pop Ride
  • Cody Rigsby – 6/22/20 @ 10:00am ET – 5 min Courage Meditation
  • Becs Gentry – 1/13/20 @ 8:25am ET – 20 min Strength for Runners
  • Jess Sims – 5/17/20 @ 2:30pm ET – 30 min Bodyweight: Live From Home
  • Kristin McGee – 5/29/20 @ 6:30pm ET – 10 min Gratitude Meditation

#NoLimitLegion Pelothon 2020 Week 1 Class List

  • Hannah Marie Corbin – 3/31/20 @ 3:00pm ET – 30 min Country Ride
  • Tunde Oyeneyin – 1/14/20 @ 2:00pm ET – 10 min Arms Toning
  • Andy Speer – 5/15/20 @ 11:00am ET – 20 min Upper Body: Live From Home
  • Aditi Shah – 5/25/20 @ 2:30pm ET – 30 min Power Yoga: Live From Home
  • Robin Arzon – 5/25/20 @ 9:00am ET – 10 min Core Strength
  • Andy Speer – 3/20/20 @ 12:00pm ET – 30 min 80s Run
  • Robin Arzon – 5/20/20 @ 12:30pm ET – 30 min Pop Ride: Live From Home
  • Hannah Marie Corbin – 3/9/20 @ 9:30am ET – 20 min Hip Hop Ride
  • Aditi Shah – 4/29/29 @ 7:00am ET – 30 min Yoga Flow
  • Tunde Oyeneyin – 2/24/20 @ 9:30pm ET – 30 min Intervals & Arms Ride

#TheUnstoppables Pelothon 2020 Week 1 Class List

  • Matty Maggiacomo – 7/1/20 @ 8:00am ET – 30 min Whitney Houston Run
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts – 5/27/20 @ 10:00am ET – 10 min Yoga Flow: Hips
  • Irene Scholz – 5/1/20 @ 8:00am ET – 45 min EDM Ride: Live From Home
  • Hannah Frankson – 3/16/20 @ 6:00am ET – 30 min HIIT & Hills Ride
  • Alex Toussaint – 5/16/20 @ 1:00pm ET – 30 min The Last Dance Ride
  • Christine D’Ercole – 11/1/19 @ 11:30am ET – 30 min P!nk Ride
  • Christine D’Ercole – 2/24/20 @ 5:30pm ET – 45 min New Wave Ride
  • Hannah Frankson – 3/11/20 @ 5:25am ET – 20 min Hip Hop Ride
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts – 6/5/20 @ 5:30pm ET – 30 min Premiere Yoga Flow
  • Irene Scholz – 1/20/20 @ 1:30pm ET – 30 min Intervals Ride
  • Alex Toussaint – 6/16/20 @ 12:30pm ET – 30 min HIIT Ride: Live From Home
  • Matty Maggiacomo – 7/1/20 @ 8:45am ET – 10 min Bodyweight Strength

Pelothon 2020 Week 1 Class List

Use your app, the website, or your bike or Tread to pull up the class list. All devices should be able to access it, it’s just the live class schedule for the Week – pick any 2 classes!

Pelothon FAQs

Any other questions? Let us know in the comments!

Get the scoop on Peloton's Pelothon 2020 - Weekly Requirements, Teams, Coaches, FAQs, class lists for each week and more! #pelobuddy #peloton #pelothon2020 #pelothon
Get the scoop on Peloton's Pelothon 2020 - Weekly Requirements, Teams, Coaches, FAQs, class lists for each week and more! #pelobuddy #peloton #pelothon2020 #pelothon

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  • Tyanna Collins says:

    Can I join if I am only a peloton app user?

    • Avatar photo Chris L says:

      Yes! You can. Depending on what platform you use the app on, you might need to use a web browser to register for the challenges and add your team hashtag, but you can still take part in Pelothon as an app/digital users.

  • Nieves Cordoba says:

    Hello! I noticed under the team hashtag/name there is a workout time & day. I see that it is only a “suggested” time to come together correct? So that if I cannot make that time I may join the Encore class? And I can still join the team even if I don’t make that day/time if my schedule only allows for other workout times and days?…Thank you!

  • Joyce Porter says:

    What is you’re away for one of the weeks and can’t access your account?

  • Melissa says:

    So I work and may not be able to take a live class…so am I able to complete week 2 or are we permitted to take the class after it has been live?

  • Fantzy_Pantz says:

    Where can we find the group suggested workout times?

  • D says:

    Hello! I saw you answered another question that app users can join – is it required to have a bike? I’m assuming so with the week 1 challenge to take a class from every instructor on the team, but I can’t find anything about this.

    • Avatar photo Chris L says:

      It is not required to have a bike. You can do it all with the app/website. For week 1, you’ll just take your class with each instructor through the app.

  • Scott Slater says:

    I’ve joined a team and do not find suggested workouts nor information on the challenges. Where do we find these?

    • Avatar photo Chris L says:

      We have all the info posted about each week’s challenges above, and will update more as it becomes available. Alternatively, you can poke around the main Pelothon website a bit, some of the info is in the header images of each section.

  • ALLISON says:

    do we know if week 1 has to be a live class with each instructor?

  • Anne says:

    I’ve joined one of the teams, and checked the group workout time along with the schedule of classes next week, and there are no classes that meet at the scheduled time. Do I just take a class from each instructor and not worry about the common workout time listed for the team?

  • Kirsten Warmuth says:

    I know this has been asked already but I need further clarification. I do not have a bike and use the app for yoga, strengthening, stretching and the like, can we do these type of classes in substitution for a ride in order to be a part of the challenges?

  • Molly says:

    I have been suing the app for their strength and yoga work outs. I don’t have a bike. Am I not able to do this challenge?

  • RS says:

    All the teams seem to have a bike and tread instructor. How do you take the class for tread if you only have a bike or vice versa to complete the first week’s challenge? This is confusing.

  • RS says:

    Thanks! Great point. Apparently, I’m the only person that hasn’t thought of this because I’ve been scratching my head at how to participate as a non-runner with no treadmill. I couldn’t find any similar questions or answers! Haha.

  • Party Pooper says:

    I signed up but decided I need a break after coming off a tough challenge. How do I undo my sign up?

  • Tina says:

    So I work. And they’re expecting 2 live classes in 1 week when only 1 class time is posted for 1 week. How is it possible to do 2 live classes on 1 day at 1 time?

  • Jami says:

    And many of the tread instructors have outdoor runs or walks.

  • JMD says:

    How do you know what class to swarm?! Or is it just to be on the bike during the suggested time and looking for fellow team hashtag users?

  • Ashley says:

    If I take a class taught by two instructors (like a two-for-one ride), will it count so long as one of the instructors is on my team? Thanks!

    • Avatar photo Chris L says:

      In theory, yes. In practice, I’m not sure. Personally, I probably wouldn’t risk it not counting and would make sure to do a workout taught by only one instructor to make sure you get credit.

  • Kerri says:

    I’m not sure if it has been asked already or if the info is posted somewhere so I’ll just ask here…. do the classes have to come from the list provided or can I take any class at all available from my instructors. Eg. would a 45 minute Tabata class with Robin count as my class with her or does it have to be one of the options provided under that challenge? Thank you 🙂

  • Kelly says:

    Hi peloton,
    So to my understanding I take (1) class of one of the instructors a day but, do I take (1) class a day from an instructor or do I take (1) class of each instructor taking (6) classes a day! Please clarify for me!!!!

  • Gary Billings says:

    So this week like Today Day 1 I will just be doing 1 class for the whole day from any of the 6 instructors? For example…… I get home this afternoon at 2pm jump on Bike and go to challenge, pick one Instructor and do his or her ride and thats it for Day 1?
    Or do I continue to do a ride from each of the other instructors totaling 6 rides for day 1?

    • Avatar photo Chris L says:

      You can do them all at once, or one each day, doesn’t matter – as long as some time this week you take one workout from each of your coaches.

  • Jared says:

    I have not been able to find a place to track weekly progress on the app. Any ideas?

  • Lisa says:

    Do we know when the special team workouts will be posted?

  • L says:

    Hi there thank you for the information. I am on the House of Shine team. I do not have a bike or tread. Today I took the following :20 min HIT cardio (Rebecca K.), 20 min HIT Cardio (Olivia), 10 min Cardio (Jess K), 10 minute arms (Leanne H) 5 min post ride stretch (Sam Y) , and. 10 min meditation (Ross)

    Ross was the last one I did so I thought I would see a badge, but I did not. Most of the classes I took were from 2020, but Jess King’s cardio is from 2016. Could that be an issue?

  • L says:

    Hi there thank you for the information. I am on the House of Shine team. I do not have a bike or tread. Today I took the following :20 min HIT cardio (Rebecca K.), 20 min HIT Cardio (Olivia), 10 min Cardio (Jess K), 10 minute arms (Leanne H)

  • Michelle says:

    Weird question but are you able to switch teams? Was there a time we were “locked in”? There’s not too much info on the app (my bike gets delivered tomorrow – perfect timing)! But I switched teams this evening when I realized I mistakenly joined another on Sunday morning. Does anyone know If my classes are going to correctly go towards the new team or am I “stuck”?

  • KK says:

    I signed up for all the teams before I learned you would be randomly assigned to just one. I’ve finished week ones challenge for one team. How do I determine which team I was assigned? How can I leave the other teams.

  • Yiannis Michailides says:

    If I have the bike but do not have the membership for the app can I still do the workouts from the bike for all instructors?

  • Megan says:

    If I only added my team tag today, will classes I took yesterday still count?

  • lauren says:


    I’m a little confused because I added my team tag (#breakthroughcrew) to my leaderboard but I have not been opted into any challenge or suggestions. Nothing on my app or peloton webpage look any differently.

  • Dan Calof says:

    Hi. Can I switch teams? I’m on #NoLimitLegion, and have taken a class with each instructor for week 1, but was thinking that I might want to be on a different team for Week 2. Do you think I can switch, or do I have to stay on the same team all challenge?

  • Bill says:

    Is there an easy way to track my completion of the weekly challenge Or am I required to do so manually? I don’t see anything on the app…

  • Tricia Hook says:

    Do I need to take a class from the list for week 1? Or can I take any class from the instructors on my team?

  • Alyssa says:

    I used #nolimitlegion and took classes with all the proper instructors last week but didn’t receive a badge. How do I correct this?? So sad to have worked so hard and not get the achievement.

  • Jamie says:

    Hi there! Any chance you’re going to create a schedule of week 4 Pelothon special classes? Looks like Tuesday has the most across the different options (ride, yoga, meditation, etc.). Other days only offer one option. Since it’s a limited number of classes it would be great to see the options mapped out in one week view that we could check off. Thanks!

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