Peloton Announces New YouTube Series: “On the Leaderboard with Peloton”

Peloton is teasing a brand new YouTube series set to premiere soon! (Update – It premiered April 13th – you can find more info here.) The series is called “On The Leaderboard with Peloton and you can view the trailer on YouTube. The description reads:

Welcome to On the Leaderboard with Peloton! In this new series, we welcome your favorite athletes and celebs onto the show, opposite a Peloton instructor, to get real about what it takes to show up and work it out. Structured like those infamous interval classes on the Peloton Tread, instructors put their guests to the test with workout challenges like Uphill Battle, This or That and Pop Culture Pushes—adding speed and incline along the way until…well, until the instructor has mercy.
From seeing Usain Bolt run at a less-than-conversational pace opposite Jess Sims, to Joe Jonas taking Olivia Amato through his pre-concert rituals, we promise you’ve never seen these celebs (or instructors!) like this before.

The trailer highlights instructors Jess Sims and Olivia Amato interviewing Olympian Usain Bolt and recording artist Joe Jonas, respectively. The instructors ask the celebrities questions while running on the Tread, increasing their speed as the interview unfolds.

Peloton later shared on social media the new series would premiere on April 13th.

Peloton also published a blog post containing more information about the new show. The premiere episode will feature Jess Sims and Usain Bolt, and episode two will feature Olivia Amato and Joe Jonas. Both Bolt and Jonas are current Peloton members, and Bolt has partnered with Peloton in the past with the “Train Like Usain Bolt” program released in 2021, and by appearing as a special guest on the leaderboard.

Earlier this year Jess Sims and Usain Bolt teased that they were filming content, but it was not yet clear what that content might be for.

This is the second new media production Peloton has launched this year. In February Peloton announced their first-ever podcast called “Fitness Flipped,” which officially dropped in March.

Subscribing to Peloton’s YouTube channel will allow you to receive a notification when the premiere episode of “On the Leaderboard with Peloton” is released, and of course Pelo Buddy will share more details as they become available.

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