Rumor: Peloton Guide to cost $295 rather than $495; App only members will need to upgrade to more expensive membership

With the new Peloton Guide strength device set to be released this upcoming Tuesday, April 5th, additional details are starting to leak.

When the Peloton Guide was first announced last November, it was said that the price would start at $495 USD / $645 CAD /£450 GBP / $750 AUD / €495 EUR. It was also supposed to include a Peloton Heart Rate band.

Several weeks ago, Peloton quietly removed the statement that a Heart Rate band would be included with every Guide – but didn’t clarify anything about price.

Today, John Mills of Run Lift & Live is reporting new pricing details for the Peloton Guide. He shares that the Peloton Guide will be offered in 3 different packages, with different price points.

Peloton Guide Pricing

A ‘Peloton Guide Only’ package will now only cost $295 USD (compared to the original $495 advertised).

A ‘Peloton Guide Strength Starter’ package will cost $545 USD, and also include a workout mat and 3 sets of dumbbell weights.

Finally, a ‘Peloton Guide Power’ package will cost somewhere from $935-$1270 USD, and include a workout mat, 6 sets of dumbbell weights, and a heart rate band (pricing likely determined by which weight dumbbells you pick).

One other big change seems to be around the monthly subscription price required for the Peloton Guide.

If you own a Bike, Bike+, Tread, or Tread+, your pricing will not change – the Guide will work with the membership & monthly pricing you currently have.

The change comes for those who have just the Peloton app. The original press around the Peloton Guide stated that members who bought the guide would have their app membership converted to a new ‘Peloton Guide Membership’, but it would cost the same as the current app membership.

From the original press release:

For $12.99 USD / £12.99 GBP / $16.99 CAD /€12.99 EUR / $16.99 AUD a month, the Peloton Guide Membership provides access for up to five people in the household to Peloton’s expansive content library and Self Mode and Movement Tracker, which are exclusive to Peloton Guide. The Peloton Guide Membership comes at no extra cost to existing Members.

However, this new report indicates that when buying a Peloton Guide, the Peloton Guide All-access membership will cost $24 USD / month. App only members will be required to upgrade from their current app-only membership to the new Peloton Guide all-access membership for the increase price. The report also says that this will be introductory pricing until the end of the year – implying it will go up further in 2023.

The Peloton Guide is also said to be eligible for Peloton’s free 30 day home trial program.

As we previously reported, there are said to be new strength programs that the instructors are created for the Peloton Guide – you can read about several of those here. These include floor bootcamps, split strength training programs, and more.

It’s not clear what led to these pricing changes – but this could be guidance from Peloton’s new CEO Barry McCarthy, who replaced John Foley on February 8th.

If you own the Bike or Tread – are you more likely to buy a Peloton Guide now that the cost for the hardware is lower?

If you are an app user – are you less likely to buy it with the potential increase in monthly cost?

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Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis is the creator & founder of Pelo Buddy. He purchased his Peloton in 2018, and uses all the different devices: Peloton Bike, Tread, Row, and Guide. He has been involved in the fitness industry for more than a decade - previously co-founding the websites Mud Run Guide & Ninja Guide. You can find him on the leaderboard at #PeloBuddy.


  • Neil says:

    This is welcome news for bike/tread owners. We pay a hefty monthly fee compared the app users, on top of the expensive hardware we’ve purchased. So to have the hardware price lowered, and feel like we’re getting more bang for our buck with the All Access membership we have (compared to the app users who will have to pay more now for the guide use), now I will more likely consider the guide and have it be one more thing that keeps me in the peloton full All Access clan.

  • Billy says:

    One bike’s cost = 7 years membership at most gyms.
    If it works for you then go for it but for that kind of money I could hire a personal trainer for a very long time.

  • unclesam says:

    I’m an app user who was interested in the guide. The original hardware pricing seemed high, particularly since I have HRM straps already, but I was considering it at the originally announced subscription price. However, double the monthly app-only price for a few months, with the implication being it would then rise to the standard hardware fee means I’m no longer interested. The true competition for my recurring fitness dollars, in my use case at least, isn’t some mythical in-person gym membership, it’s Zwift or Apple Fitness+

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