Upcoming new Peloton product teased: “Peloton Guide” video camera (Peloton Focus)

Update – The Peloton Guide has officially been announced.

Peloton seems to be preparing to release a new accessory/strength Peloton product called the “Peloton Guide”. The Peloton Guide appears to be a video device that integrates with your TV or screen, allowing you to match your form, in real time, to what the instructor is calling out during class. This sounds like a new name for the “Peloton Focus” device we have previously reported on, which was codenamed Peloton Tiger as well.

What’s new today is that one of the Peloton instructors mentioned the product, making it seem like it is nearing a release, described how it works, and reveals name has been changed from the working Peloton Focus name to the “Peloton Guide”.

In a Yoga class released this morning, Peloton instructor Kirra Michel goes through the pre-class warmup process, describing the equipment needed, and how your workout space should be set up. Just before the class officially gets started, Kirra mentions an as-of-yet unreleased Peloton accessory: the “Peloton Guide”.

You can hear Kirra talk about the Peloton Guide in the clip below, or we have the quote directly after the video:

If you have Peloton Guide at home, feel free to watch yourself on screen for those specific postures to make sure you’re in roughly correct right alignment.

Previous reports had indicated that the Peloton Focus/Tiger (now apparently called the Peloton Guide) would be “equipped with software that will assess customers’ form and movements”, as well as “provide instant feedback on customers’ workouts.” Those features are essentially exactly what Kirra is describing you are able to do with the Peloton Guide when using it during a Yoga workout.

The Peloton Guide was also previously rumored to potentially have the ability to count reps in strength classes – at this point it’s not possible to confirm if this will be a feature of the Peloton Guide or not.

We can’t confirm a release date or price yet for the Peloton Guide. However, a previous survey for the Peloton Focus asked members about a potential $699 price point. This could have just been data gathering, so isn’t necessarily indicative of what the final price will be for the Peloton Guide.

John Foley has been mentioning during almost every recent interview how strength is a focus for Peloton, and the Peloton Guide appears to be one piece of this strategy. They likely have a second larger / more expensive strength product coming as well. You can see all the most recent rumors about Peloton strength here.

This class was released straight to on-demand, so it was likely a simple mix up that the class was released before the Peloton Guide is announced or available. This is similar to what happened with the Cody Rigsby class being released before the Peloton x Adidas collaboration release.

The specific class this was mentioned in was the 15 minute Focus Flow Wrists class on 9/16/21 @ 10:00am ET by Kirra Michel. This may or may not still be available depending on when you read this article.

Peloton is also reportedly getting closer to releasing another Peloton accessory – the Peloton Heart Rate Band. This product has been reported to be in active beta testing by members of the Peloton Field Testing Community.

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