Peloton has hired former rowing coach & studio owner who is training existing and new talent & developing a “new modality” (Peloton Rower)

A recently surfaced LinkedIn profile shows that Peloton has had a consultant working with them to develop a “new modality” who is a former rowing coach and a rowing studio owner – providing further evidence for Peloton’s plans to launch a Peloton Rower & rowing classes in the future.

Bradford Stevens is the former Head Men’s Crew Coach at the University of South Florida, and owned his own rowing studio called Viking Row LLC for seven years in Tampa/St. Petersburg – but now lives in New York City. According to his LinkedIn profile, he first began working with Peloton as “Strategic Advisor” in June of 2021. His LinkedIn page contains numerous interesting details, most importantly confirming that he is working with Peloton to develop a “new modality” – which based on his background seems sure to be rowing.

In addition, Stevens indicates that he is assisting with initial training and on-camera training for both new and existing instructors. This means that Peloton will likely bring in entirely new coaches for rowing, but we can also expect to see some familiar faces as well. Many instructors have been teasing “behind the scenes projects” in recent months, and perhaps rowing is a part of that. Of course, based on the timing of his hire, “new talent” could include people like Marcel Dinkins who were announced last year, but after Stevens was hired and started working at Peloton who would be considered new talent.

Stevens’ complete description for his work with Peloton is below:

  • Liaison between numerous departments to create and develop new modality offering. Consistent communication with all team members, from core team to stakeholders, management and beyond
  • Develop protocols and manuals for the talent and content teams. Assist with initial training and on-camera training for existing and new talent.
  • Create metrics for research and data generation as well oversaw review of data and correction of discrepancies, resolved them, and articulated findings to multiple departments.
  • Work with the product team to set up customer facing intelligence tools using various technologies.
  • Oversee production within the content and creative teams. Help to forecast upcoming projects and budgets.
  • Excellent creative eye and understanding and respect of the creative process. Ability to push back, even on more senior members of the team, in order to stay on track.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, all at different stages of the production process
  • A clear understanding of existing technologies, and an interest in looking into new and formulating ways of working or developing projects

This is only the latest development in a long list of evidence that Peloton is developing a rowing product and content. The most clear indication was the plans for a rower testing studio in the Peloton Output Park, which has since been scrapped since founder and former CEO John Foley stepped down earlier this year.

While we still don’t know the exact timing of the launch, reporting from The Financial Times back in February indicated that the Peloton rower could be announced as early as May 2022, either at the earnings call or at 2022 Homecoming.

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  • Tireux deRow says:

    Just get a Concept2. It is the gold-standars of rowing machines and doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

    If you want that, there are plenty of extremely good sources for video instruction.

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