Image of the Lanebreak game from The Verge.

Report: Peloton Bikes to get video game mode called “Lanebreak”

This morning, The Verge reported that Peloton plans to add a video-game mode to the Peloton Bike & Bike+ later this year.

Update – More details have emerged over the past few days. You can see the latest information here.

The video game, tentatively called “Lanebreak”, will see you control the video game by adjusting your cadence & resistance. You’ll pick your music type, length of the ride, and difficulty level, and Peloton will load the game for you. The Verge reports that game mode will only be available to Bike & Bike+ owners, and be available in a beta form later this year.

Image of the Lanebreak game from The Verge.
Image of the Lanebreak game from The Verge.

The Verge only had one chance to play the game, but shared the following about the gameplay:

The game’s vibe and interface reminds me of the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, with a track trailing off into the universe. It’s more or less the same on Lanebreak, except instead of controlling Mario, you’re pedaling to keep your tire moving and meet specific goals. There are three types of challenges and ways to earn points: Pickups, which means that so long as you’re in the lane that the game commands, you’ll earn points; Streams, which reward you based on your cadence; and Breakers, which reward you based on energy output.

They also shared that for them personally, after their one test, they thought they would still prefer the normal instructor-led classes (which wouldn’t be going away, this is an extra option on top of it):

Personally, I found it boring and confusing to follow, especially compared to instructor-led classes. (I did a 10-minute class and was counting down the seconds until it was over.) However, this feedback also comes from someone who doesn’t play video games and prefers Peloton because of the various instructors’ personalities and music choices.

You can see the original report here.

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