FAQs & Guide on How To Book & Sign up for In-Person Classes at Peloton Studios in New York or London (PSNY Peloton NYC Studio & PSL)

After a more than two year hiatus, the Peloton studios are once again open to the public. Following the soft reopening phase that began in June, Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) and Peloton Studios London (PSL) officially celebrated their grand reopening on August 19, 2022. When Peloton first shared the news, they also relaunched the studio booking site, which had been dormant since the initial studio closure. If you have questions about how to book an in-person class, you’re not alone! This article provides an in-depth overview of how to book and take an in-person class at PSNY (Peloton NYC Studio) and PSL. First, we’ll cover a lot of frequently asked questions about how to book classes; then we’ll take you through a step-by-step tutorial of the actual booking process. If you’d like like some quicker tips & tricks – we put together some tips & tricks on how to book in-person classes at Peloton Studios here.

FAQS on Booking In-Person Peloton Classes in New York & London

Note that Peloton made some changes to the process starting in 2023. This guide has been updated to cover the changes (more days, new limits on number of classes, etc) – but you can read about all the changes in more detail here.

Where & how do I actually book a spot to take a class at Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) or Peloton Studios London (PSL)?

There is a special website to book in-person classes, which you can find at studio.onepeloton.com. There you will find the list of classes. See the bottom of this article for an in-depth walkthrough, guide, and screenshots of the booking process and what to expect.

What is the online queue for booking classes at Peloton Studios

Starting in late 2022, Peloton added an online queue to the booking process. On days new classes are released (which is now Thursdays), you’ll be placed into a virtual waiting queue when you visit the Peloton Studios website. Depending on how many people are already there will determine your wait time. It’s sometimes 1-2 minutes, or it’s sometimes 10-20 minutes. Once your time in the queue is up, the page will refresh and you’ll see the list of classes like normal.

With the addition of the queue, you’ll want to go to the website a little before 12:00pm ET on Thursdays to ensure that you have time to make it through the queue to book the classes.

How much does it cost to take an in-person class at the Peloton Studios in New York or London?

Classes at PSNY cost $35 and classes at PSL cost £25. You technically buy a credit, which you will then use to reserve your spot in the class. You can buy credits at https://studio.onepeloton.com/shop. One interesting note is that you can essentially gift class credits to friends and family by purchasing the credits and then transferring them to another member. Similarly, if you purchased credits that you will no longer be able to use, you can transfer them to another member. You can visit your account page to view your credits and any classes you have scheduled, or previously taken at the studio.

Do all classes cost the same? For example, does a 75 minute class cost the same as a 20 minute class?

Yes, each class is the same cost no matter the class length or modality.

Which days of the week can I take an in-person class at PSNY & PSL?

Starting in February 2023, the Peloton Studios will be open to members to take classes from Thursdays through Mondays. Tuesdays & Wednesdays will still be reserved for coach-to-camera instruction.

How far in advance can I book a class at PSNY & PSL?

Peloton is currently releasing classes for bookings 6 weeks** in advance at both Peloton Studios New York & London (** see note in next section).

When does Peloton release new classes for in-person booking at the New York & London Studios?

Peloton will release new in-person classes for booking on Thursdays around 12:00pm ET (it was originally on Mondays, however, changed to Thursdays starting on January 19th, 2023) . Each Thursday, they’ll release the next weekend’s worth of classes – which will be six weeks away. Thus, the schedule will be released on a rolling six week basis.

** Note on the 6 week timeline. Peloton considers the closest weekend (which includes whatever Thursday you are on the site booking classes) as Week 1. 7 days from then would be Week 2, etc. So while Peloton calls this opening up classes in six weeks, many people would consider this 5 weeks in advance.

Another way to look at it is each Thursday, Peloton will open up classes for the Thursday-Sunday that begins 35 days from that Thursday.

Members who visited Peloton’s original 23rd Street Studio will recall that the schedule was released two weeks out, and you could book exactly one week in advance. However, now that Peloton is wanting their studios to be a destination experience, they are opening up the schedule much further in advance so that members can make travel arrangements.

Why are all the classes always sold out?

With the studio only recently having reopened, demand is high to take in-person classes. This means that classes are selling out within minutes or hours of them becoming available (which again, is typically around 12:00pm ET on Thursdays). We expect over the coming months it to become easier to book a spot once more people have had a chance to visit the studios.

Do I pick a specific bike or Tread when booking? Is there a map of the Peloton studios in New York or London?

No, you cannot pick your own Bike/Tread/mat location when booking. The assignment is random – your confirmation email may note a spot auto-assigning to you, but this does not really matter. When at the studio, it is essentially first-come first-served as you enter the room. However, Peloton may move you at their discretion (potentially based on height or other factors). This applies in particular to the yoga and strength studios, which are smaller and present more of an opportunity for taller people potentially blocking the cameras.

At the original 23rd Street Studio, one of the steps was using a map to select a specific Bike or Tread. Peloton has done away with this since their reopening.

How many spaces are available for booking?

Although there isn’t a published map of the Peloton Studios cycling studio (or other studios), there are still limits for each class. The capacities for Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) are below:

  • Cycling studio: 39 Bikes
  • Tread studio: 16 Treads
  • Strength studio: 8 mats
  • Yoga studio: 7 mats

The capacities for Peloton Studios London (PSL) are below:

  • Cycling studio: 22 Bikes
  • Tread studio: 14 Treads

(At time of publishing PSL does not have yoga classes, and strength classes are recorded without members).

Is there a way to tell the specific type of class you’re signing up for (i.e. HIIT & Hills, Intervals, Power Zone, etc.)?

No. You’ll know the modality, length, and instructor – but no other additional information will be available upon booking. You will be able to check the upcoming schedule approximately two weeks in advance to learn additional information.

What happens if I have to cancel my in-person Peloton class?

If you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, your credit will be returned to your account (but you will not receive a refund). That credit must be within 1 year of when you bought it. This limit was originally 12 hours before class, but was changed in late 2022.

Is there a limit to how many classes I can book in one day/weekend?

Members will be limited to taking 2 Peloton classes in person each day, or 4 classes over the course of a week – where the week is defined as the Thursday – Monday time period. These new limits came into effect in February 2023. Note that waitlist bookings count towards your limits. You can see more details here.

Can I take back to back classes at the Peloton Studio?

In theory, yes. However, it is important to note that the doors to the class open 30 minutes prior to the class start time, and “close” 15 minutes prior to the start time. In addition, if you are not checked in 30 minutes before the class Peloton will start to give away spots to people on the waitlist. And the official policy is you can not check-in for your class until 1 hour before the class starts.

If you have a 30 minute class at 10:00am, and a 30 minute class at 11:00am – the only way this would work is if Peloton lets you check in for both classes before your 10:00am class. However, we’ve heard varying reports on this being allowed, since it’s technically before the 1 hour check-in time for the second class. Sometimes staff members will check you in, sometimes they won’t. This means that when your first class ends at 10:30am, you might go back to the front desk to check in for your 11:00am class – only to find out they have already given your spot to someone on the waitlist.

Can I book more than one spot in a class, or multiple spots, for myself & my friends?

You no longer can do this. You are allowed to book one spot per Peloton class at the studio – you can not book multiple people into one class. If you want to take a class with a friend, they will need to log into their account and book the class with their own credit & account. This is unfortunately currently hard to do with how quickly classes are filling up. If you have a larger group – see the next section.

How do I book spots for my group or for a mini home rider invasion at Peloton Studio New York or London?

For group bookings – perhaps such as an unofficial home-rider invasion from a particular leaderboard tag – you can reach out to StudiosEventsNY@onepeloton.com (PSNY) or StudiosEventsLD@onepeloton.com (PSL). You can expect to hear back from Peloton within 1-2 business days regarding pricing and availability. You can also contact the concierge for visitor information at StudiosConciergeNY@onepeloton.com (PSNY) or StudiosConciergeLD@onepeloton.com (PSL).

Can I take an in-person class at Peloton studios if I’m not a Peloton member?

Sort of. To actually book a class, you do need a Peloton account, which you can sign up for for free as part of the booking process. However, you don’t need to be an active member to do so.

Can app-only or digital members take a class at the Peloton studios? Or is it only available to All-Access members?

Bookings at the studio are open to all members regardless of whether they are All-Access (those who own a Peloton device such as the Bike or Tread) or App-only. Note that you do still need a Peloton account, which you can sign up for for free as a part of the booking process. The cost of an in-person class is the same regardless of your membership type as well.

Am I able to buy a 5-class pack, 10-class, or 20-class pack for in-person Peloton Classes like I used to be able to?

At the 23rd Street studio members could buy packs of class credits at a slight discount. As of right now, they are not allowing you to do this at Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) and Peloton Studios London (PSL).

How do I book in-person spots for Peloton Studios London (PSL)? I only see NYC classes on the booking site.

You should see a “find a class” button in the top right corner of the studio booking site – clicking this will allow you to toggle between the NYC and London studios. There is also a “location” field in the left-hand side bar of the page that allows you to select either NYC or London.

What happened to the old unlimited studio membership for unlimited rides at Peloton Studios in New York?

The 23rd Street studio offered a monthly pass (that cost approximately $400) for unlimited studio rides. Since Peloton wants a visit to Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) or Peloton Studios London (PSL) to be a member experience with the opportunity to meet instructors and other members, they aren’t treating the studios like a local gym – so they are currently no longer offering an unlimited pass option for locals.

Do I need to buy my credits ahead of time?

If you don’t have a credit, the booking process will let you buy one credit as you check out. Just keep in mind to have your credit card handy, as you can’t save your credit card info to your profile; you have to enter it as you buy that credit. Note that credits are only good for 60 days, so if you’re not exactly sure when you’ll visit, it is probably safer to wait until you’re ready to book before purchasing the credit.

There isn’t a button to book next to the class I want. Am I totally out of luck?

Peloton will periodically add the “Waitlist” button next to classes that had been previously full, and even more rarely, but the “Book” button back so you can directly book and skip the waitlist. This might occur if there were cancellations, or they had been holding spots for something and no longer need them. There is no set time or date these get released back – you just have to get lucky and check the studio website at the right time to see that.

What does booking a “Waitlist” spot mean for in-person Peloton Studio classes?

A waitlist spot means that you don’t have a guaranteed spot in the class, but there is a chance Peloton will email you if someone cancels. There is no guarantee you will get into the class.

What happens to my money/credit if I don’t get off of the waitlist?

If you’re not moved from the waitlist into the class you will not receive your money back, but your credit will be returned to you. You can then book another class before your credit expires over the next year.

How far in advance will I find out if I actually get into the class if I add my name to the waitlist?

There is no solid answer – it simply depends on when people who were able to book a spot in the class cancel. It could be a few days or weeks in advance of the class; it could be the morning of; or it could be 15 minutes before the class begins (in the instance of a no-show, for example).

If I’m on the waitlist, should I go to the studio that day?

This entirely depends on your personal situation and whether you’re willing to gamble on a potentially “wasted” trip if you go to the studios but ultimately don’t get off the waitlist. If you’re local or already in town and don’t have anything else to do, it is potentially worth a shot. However, we would not advise planning an entire trip around a visit if you’re only on the waitlist, because there is no guarantee you’ll get into the class.

In-Depth Guide: How To Book an in-Person Peloton Class for New York or London classes at the Peloton Studios

If you’re interested in taking a class in-person at the Peloton studios, head to https://studio.onepeloton.com/. You’ll be brought to a welcome screen where you have two options: you can click the “book your spot” button to jump straight to the schedule, or you can hit the down carrot button at the bottom of the screen to learn more about the studio space and explore instructors.

Peloton Studios booking site welcome screen.
Peloton Studios booking site welcome screen.

Upon clicking the “book your spot” button, you will be brought to the main schedule page. The first thing to look for is whether you’re viewing the New York studio or the London studio, as you can only view the schedule for one at a time.

Peloton Studios booking site with location options highlighted.
Peloton Studios booking site with location options highlighted.

Below the location box there is a list of fitness disciplines that you can filter by: cardio, cycling, running, running, strength, walking, and yoga. You can select certain boxes so that you only view classes of that modality. For example, if you’re dead-set on taking a cycling class at Peloton studios, you should select the “cycling” box so that you only see upcoming rides.

You can also filter by instructors. Note that there is only basic information listed for each of the classes: the modality, length of the class, and the instructor. If the date is within the next two weeks you can head to the Peloton class schedule to get additional information, such as whether the class is music-focused vs. fitness-focused, or centers around a particular theme. Peloton has been adding more details to the studio booking site once the class is within two weeks; but the classes have been completely booked by the time those updates are made.

Cycling filter applied on Peloton Studios booking site.
Cycling filter applied on Peloton Studios booking site.

When viewing the list of upcoming classes you will be able to see on the right-hand side whether the class is available to book, waitlisted, or full. Completely full classes will not have a clickable button. You can only sign up for a class if you see a “book” button, or if there is a waitlist option available.

Schedule showing available classes, waitlisted classes, and full classes.
Schedule showing available classes, waitlisted classes, and full classes.

After clicking the “book” button for the class you’d like to take, you’ll be brought to a screen that contains only that class information: the modality, date, time, instructor, and duration. There is also a disclaimer provided by Peloton: “As we’re a LIVE production studio, spots are assigned by us. You may be placed on spot and then be asked to move for production purposes.”

Information and disclaimer before booking a class.
Information and disclaimer before booking a class.

This is a major change from how Peloton previously operated their studio booking, as members used to be able to select their specific spot each class. It appears that moving forward Peloton will assign that spot for you.

When the studio booking site first relaunched members booking a cycling class were asked to input their shoe size or indicate if they were bringing their own, but that section has since been removed from the site.

If you don’t have any credits, you will need to purchase those in order to book the class. Classes at PSNY cost $35 and classes at PSL cost £25. You can buy them as a step of the booking process, or buy them ahead of time. Note if you buy a credit ahead of time, they are only good for 60 days, so be sure you will be able to find a class at the time you can visit before doing so.

Credit purchasing page for PSNY.
Credit purchasing page for PSNY.

Upon booking the class you’ll be brought to a confirmation screen that says: “You’re booked!” From there you can return to the schedule, view your classes, and review the studio rules. You’ll also receive any email containing the booking confirmation.

Booking confirmation page.
Booking confirmation page.

If you need to cancel the class you’ve booked, you can do so by navigating to the my classes page and clicking the “cancel” button next to that particular class. You may also reach out by phone, email, or chat. You must cancel at least 12 hours before the class starts in order for your class credit to be returned to your account. Otherwise it will be considered a “late cancellation” and you will lose the credit.

Option to cancel class following booking.
Option to cancel class following booking.

If you’re on the waitlist for a class but can no longer attend, you should also remove yourself from the waitlist at least 12 hours ahead of the class start time.

You can visit your account page to view your credits and any classes you have scheduled, or previously taken at the studio.

Account page showing upcoming bookings.
Account page showing upcoming bookings.

Visiting the Peloton Studios in New York or London – What to bring, wear, and know

The day has finally arrived and you’re ready to head to the studio! You’ll want to make sure you’re completely prepared for the experience. In the coming days we’ll have a separate guide covering everything to know for the actual visit.

For additional information & questions not covered about booking Peloton classes, in either New York or London, you can always visit the Peloton Studios FAQ site.

FAQs and Guide on how to book in-person Peloton classes in New York or London.
FAQs and Guide on how to book in-person Peloton classes in New York or London.

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