Rumor: New Lower Cost Peloton Treadmill coming in Q3 2020. New Premium Bike too?

As exciting as Week 1 of Pelothon 2020 is, we have some news that might be even more exciting! A market researcher from China, looking at Peloton’s supply chain, claims to have insight on Peloton’s upcoming product releases (source 1, source 2). The news?

Peloton is likely to announce their new lower cost treadmill in Q3 2020 – most likely August or September! The analysis also contains some new information about the specs for Peloton’s 2020 treadmill. In April, some leaks pointed to the new tablet for the tread being 22″ in size. However, this analyst says the new tablet size will instead be 23.8″. This compares to the 32″ of the current generation Peloton Treadmill, or the 21.5″ inch tablet on Peloton bikes.

This news comes from looking at Rexon, who is one of two manufacturers of Peloton equipment. The other is Tonic, who Peloton acquired in October of 2019. The articles state that while Tonic manufactures the majority of the bikes for Peloton, Rexon manufactures most of the treadmills. Due to the pandemic, shipments of the treadmill are expected to explode in 2020, with the total number of treadmills shipped for the year to be more than 250,000.

If this is the first you are hearing of the new lower cost tread, Peloton has been talking about it for a while, even mentioning it on earnings calls. Peloton executives have stated they want it to be priced similarly to the current Peloton bike, which would put it in the $2,000-$2,500 range. In addition to the smaller sized screen, the entire frame of the treadmill would be slightly smaller (and weigh less) as well. Those changes would allow Peloton to start selling the Peloton Tread in Canada, the UK, and Germany. Finally, the new version would do away with the slatted base design, instead having a traditional belt.

It was originally expected that the Tread would be released earlier this year. However, like many other things, those plans had to change. Peloton pulled their FCC application for the new tablet mentioned above, specifying their release plans had been pushed back.

The analyst also touches on the possible release of a new generation of the Peloton bike. Peloton has made mention that they hope to have a “better/best” product strategy. In the case of the treadmill, the current product on the market would be the “best” product, and the new lower cost tread would be the “better”. In terms of the bike, what currently exists would be the “better” product. There have been very few rumors and leaks about what new features or hardware would be part of a new generation 2 Peloton bike, but if these rumors are correct, we might find out soon! However, if this is the “best” product, it would likely have a price premium to go with it as well.

Not mentioned as being released this fall? The Peloton rower. On a recent call with Barron’s, Peloton’s CFO would only say that “a rower over time, could be interesting.” However, this article mentions that Rexon “designs and develops rowing machines, is expected to continue benefiting from Peloton, as the US firm aims to expand its presence in the fitness equipment market through the launch of rowing machines within the next two years, he said.” So all signs still point to the Peloton rower coming, but just not nearly as soon as people hope for.

We’ll continue to post updates on timing and release dates for the rower, lower cost tread, and new generation bike as they become available – be sure to check in on our Peloton rumors page from time to time.

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