German Peloton Instructor Marina Andresen Leaving Peloton

Peloton Tread coach Marina Andresen has announced that she is leaving Peloton effective Saturday, December 4. She shared the news on Instagram, writing:

Sharing with you all Saturday will be my last class at Peloton. Thank you to my Peloton teammates and most especially all our Peloton Members – I’ve loved running with you all and have learned so much from spending time on the Tread with you. Please keep in touch as you continue your running journey and I’ll see you out on the road!

This comes as a bit of a shock considering that Marina only joined Peloton at the end of September 2021. She was the second German language Tread instructor announced with Tobias Heinze. Marina’s premiere run debuted on September 30.

Marina is the second German Peloton instructor to depart this year. Cycling and strength instructor Irene Scholz left Peloton in May of 2021 after only a year and a half with the company. Her classes remain in the on demand library, including her core strength program. However, she was moved to the bottom of the instructor dropdown list after she announced her exit. All German instructors currently teach from the London studio.

Instructor departures are not very common at Peloton, with only Irene, Oliver Lee, and Jennifer Jacobs leaving since 2019. Oliver Lee’s classes were immediately removed from the on demand library due to the circumstances surrounding his departure, and Jennifer Jacobs’ classes were not removed until August 2020, more than a year after her exit.

Earlier this week, Peloton announced 3 new German cycling instructors were joining the team.

Marina has three runs still listed on the upcoming schedule, but they are all encores. At time of publishing she had 40 runs available in the on-demand library. Best of luck to Marina in her future endeavors!

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