Peloton officially releases Peloton “Scheduling” feature for iOS app – build calendar within Peloton app

As we first reported yesterday, Peloton has now officially rolled out a brand new feature for the iOS app. The new “Scheduling” feature for Peloton allows you to add any on-demand class to your custom schedule, which you can view within the Peloton app alongside classes you’ve counted yourself in for on-demand and live. This allows you to build a calendar of your Peloton classes within the Peloton iOS app.

We’ve put together a quick video showing how this works:

Peloton is calling this a “limited-time feature” – which means it could be pulled like Sessions was, and hopefully eventually be added back.

A new “Schedule” button on the class popup. Image credit Peloton.
The feature appears to now be live for everyone. To check it out, you’ll want to make sure you have the latest version of the iOS app, and you might need to completely close it and open it. At this time the Peloton Scheduling feature is only available for iOS – Android users will have to wait. However, you should receive a push notification on your Peloton Bike or Tread when a class you have scheduled is about to start.

A scheduled class, with the ability to invite your friends. Image credit Peloton.
You can schedule a class for up to two weeks in the future. Once you do, you can access a new screen on your Schedule page showing “Your Schedule”, that shows everything you’ve scheduled for yourself, including on-demand and live.

Screen showing your scheduled classes – a mix on encore, live, and on-demand. Image credit Peloton.

Note that at this time the schedule you create can’t be exported to an external calendar. Hopefully this will be added soon as it would make this feature more useful. In the future we can also see it integrating with Peloton sessions – allowing you to turn the scheduled class you create into a private session for you and those you invite.

Speaking of invites – as part of this is the ability to invite your friends to a class you have scheduled. Clicking the invite button opens the iOS share screen, where you can email or message your friends a custom link. If they click it on their iPhone, they will see the class & time you have scheduled, and they are able to add it their own schedule as well. However, note that they must click it on their iPhone – even if you use the Peloton website, you’ll get a message the feature is currently for iOS only.

Message when viewing the invite on the Peloton website instead of the iOS app

If you have any issues, you can see Peloton’s FAQ page on the topic

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Chris Lewis
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  • Aryn says:

    I really like this feature to plan out my workouts for the week but there’s one big issue with it. I don’t have a peloton bike and use the Apple TV app to watch the classes and there’s no way to access your schedule via the Apple TV app so you have to go and find the class all over again anyways. They need to push this update to the Apple TV too.

  • Alan says:

    Yeah I’m with Arun although I do have a bike and as far as I can see, I too still need to find the class again on the bike.

    That being said, feeling like I’m making that mini commitment to a schedule really does help me get out of bed in the morning to do the class so for me the principle works. It would just be great if u could click on ‘my schedule’ on the bike too and go straight to the class I’d previously spent the time finding.

  • Alicia says:

    I also use Apple TV and can’t access the schedule on it, but more importantly I am having issues casting classes on my schedule to my AppleTV. I don’t know why this would be since I have started the class on my phone, but it only happens when I’m doing a scheduled class.

  • Paola says:

    I just used the “Schedule” feature for the first time, and I loved it. But it is worthless if you are using Peloton TV which that’s what I do. I had to cast it from my phone. =( so sad.

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