Peloton Launches Video Demo Feature for different movements in On-Demand Classes

In addition to the body activity and class plan features Peloton launched earlier this week, members can also now view video demos in the class information before selecting a workout. This feature launched on on the Peloton Guide Tuesday, but is now on the Bike, Tread, iOS/Android apps, and web browser.

When selecting a class from the on-demand library, members now see a “class plan” section below the playlist. The section provides an overview of the warm-up, workout, and any cool down. There is a “view details” button that expands the class plan and breaks down every movement, and the duration for which that movement is performed.

Class plan for Adrian Williams' 20 minute Chest & Back Strength.
Class plan for Adrian Williams’ 20 minute Chest & Back Strength.

Take Adrian Williams’ most recent 20 minute Chest & Back strength for example. The class plan breaks down the workout into a three minute warm-up, and 17 minutes of upper body. There is a carrot button to the right-hand side of the upper body line item, which expands the section to indicate that there is time for demo and transitions, as well as numerous chest and back strength movements.

You can then click on the specific movement – such as “reverse fly” – and you will have the opportunity to view a video demonstration of that movement. The video is eight seconds in total and shows Adrian Williams performing the move with proper form.

Reverse fly video demonstration.
Reverse fly video demonstration.

There is a video demo available for every strength movement performed in Adrian’s class, such as push-ups, bent over row, and neutral grip chest press.

So far the video demos are available on recent strength, cardio, and yoga classes. Tread and Bike Bootcamp class plans provide video demos for the strength movements included in the workout. Cycling, running, walking, and stretching classes do not currently show any video demo options.

Half splits pose video demonstration.
Half splits pose video demonstration.

The video demos appear to have been filmed in a different studio and are very basic in nature: the instructors are all wearing black against a light gray background, and there is no audio or dialogue included. Many different instructors are featured in the demo videos, and their movement video is used in the class plan regardless of whether they are the instructor for that specific class.

This new feature will be very helpful to members who want to familiarize themselves with a particular movement before having to learn it for the first time in class, or for members who want to take some extra time to ensure they are executing the movement with proper form and technique.

The video demo feature has dropped in correlation with the release of the Peloton Guide, Peloton’s first ever strength-connected product. You can read our full hands-on first impression of the product here.

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