Peloton Extended Warranty now transferrable; Price Decrease; Longer Coverage; Now called “Protection Plans”

Peloton has made significant changes to their extended warranty program as of April 5, 2022. (Update – These changes appear to only be in effect for US Peloton members. Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany extended warranties appear to be unchanged for now).

First, Peloton has changed the name from “extended warranty” to “Peloton Protection Plan.”

In what might be the biggest change to the program: the Peloton extended warranty is also now transferable if you sell your Bike or Tread device, or buy one used from a previous owner. Previously Peloton did not allow the transfer of warranties from one owner to the next. However, this new policy only applies to extended warranties (protection plans) purchased on or after April 5, 2022.

In another change, members who buy their device second-hand can now purchase an extended warranty plan as long as you do so within 12 months of the original purchase by the first owner.

Members previously had purchase options for either a 12 month extension or 27 month extension; however, as of last week members can only select a 36 month extension to the original limited first-year warranty.

Peloton has also updated their pricing with this change in warranty length. While the overall price for the extended warranty price is now slightly higher (between $15-$20 total), the cost / month is now actually lower, given the extended warranty length is being extended from 27 months to 36 months.

Update – We’ve heard reports that if you’ve previously bought an extended warranty, but it hasn’t kicked in yet (i.e. it’s been less than a year since you bought your Bike/Tread), it might be possible to return that original extended warranty, and purchase this new one. Contact your nearest Peloton showroom for more details about this.

See below for a complete breakdown of the Peloton extended warranty / protection plans price changes (prices shown for US customers):

Original Bike:

  • Previous 27 month extension price: $185.00
  • Current 36 month extension price: $199.00


  • Previous 27 month extension price: $230.00
  • Current 36 month extension price: $249.00


  • Previous 27 month extension price: $230.00
  • Current 36 month extension price: $249.00

Members can also purchase a 24 month extended warranty for the new Peloton Guide for $24.00.

One thing that hasn’t changed: for any of these devices, you can still add an extended warranty / protection plan at the time of purchase, or chat/call Peloton support at any point up to one year after you first purchased the device to add the warranty.

Peloton now also provides a financing option for the warranties through Affirm, which was not previously available to customers. Members can pay between $5.11 per month to $5.79 per month for terms of 39 or 43 months with 0% APR through Affirm.

You can read the full details on all of these changes on Peloton’s updated extended warranty support page.

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  • Shelly says:

    For used purchases, The frame is not included in the extended warranty as it is included in the original warranty for 5 years. I called trying to understand the implications (what exactly is considered covered under the frame warranty) but received conflicting information. I see lots of problems with ball bearing, brackets on the Bike +. Would those issues be repaired for a second-hand owner with an extended warranty?

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