Peloton Australia Officially Launches

Peloton has officially launched in Australia today – July 14th. The Bike & Bike+ are now available for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and metropolitan areas. In June, Peloton had shared they would be launching in July. The Peloton Digital app was released in Australia a few weeks ago. The company has said they won’t be selling the Treadmill in Australia to start off with.

The Bike+ will cost $3,695 AUD while the original Bike will cost $2,895 AUD. The monthly membership will cost $59 AUD per month.

Peloton Australia’s Country Manager, Karen Lawson, said the entire local Peloton team cannot wait to welcome Aussies today to its ever-growing community of 5.4 million global members.

“Australians are passionate about health and wellbeing and have always had their finger on the pulse when it comes to fitness technology and experiences, which is why we believe Peloton is positioned to provide Australians with a completely new way to work out.”

Peloton has shared they have plans for at least 3 showrooms in Australia. The two Sydney area showrooms should open first, followed by one in Melbourne later.

There is not a recording studio on Australia, so any Australian instructors will teach out of New York City or London. Kirra Michel, who was announced as the first Australian Peloton instructor, is now living in New York City.

We first reported about Australia at the beginning of the year, and Peloton officially confirmed plans to launch in March.

Image credit Peloton Social Media.

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