Chelsea Jackson Roberts reveals she's tested positive for Covid-19. Image credit Chelsea's Instagram.

Peloton Instructor Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts Tests Positive – Off Schedule for a while

Peloton Yoga and Meditation instructor Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts announced today that she has tested positive for Covid-19 and will be off the live schedule for awhile while she recovers and quarantines.

Chelsea revealed the news during an Instagram live with Jennifer Garner – which is an ongoing series she has every month.

“This is the first announcement I’m making: I tested positive for Covid…Testimony to the vaccine. I’m fully vaccinated and I can only imagine what this would be like had I not been.”

Chelsea explained that she is experiencing congestion and is overwhelmingly tired. She also explained that she is relying heavily on her meditation practice to get her through this challenging time. Her Instagram caption reads:

Nothing could have prepared me for this, but my meditation practice sure did. 🙏🏾
In case you missed my November check in with @jennifer.garner it is up now. I’m also sharing why I will be away from teaching yoga + meditation for a little bit.
Never underestimate what happens and exists in that pause between the inhale and exhale. For me, it can be grief one day and gratitude the next.

Chelsea is the second Peloton instructor to reveal a positive test result since the beginning of the pandemic. Cody Rigsby tested positive twice – first in February, and then again while competing on Dancing with the Stars in September. Cody was also fully vaccinated the second time he tested positive.

We wish Chelsea a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her back on the schedule when she’s ready!

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