List of Peloton Training Programs - Details, Overview & More

The following is a list of Peloton programs & Peloton training programs. They range from marathon training programs, power zone, couch to 5k, strength, and many more. Click any program to find a page with an overview of the program, and a list of classes for each week. If you're looking for some less structured classes, you can see a list of special interest Peloton classes here, or a number of instructor signature series here.

Note - At Homecoming 2021, Peloton announced Training Plans 2.0. This included new progress scorecards, badges, and more. However, classes that are part of a program are now ONLY available to those in a program - if you were halfway through an old program, you lost access to where you were. However, if you know a direct link to a class from the program, you can still start it from your phone, or bookmark & stack it to find it on your bike or tread. Each program page below has direct links for you.

Additionally, you can unlock and jump to any week of a program using the workaround described here

We have the full multi-week programs listed first, then Peloton's split strength training programs listed in a separate list below.

List of Current Peloton Programs & Peloton Training Programs

List of Current Peloton Split Strength Training Programs

List of Former Peloton Programs & Peloton Training Programs

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To actually join these programs, you'll want to go to the Program area of your Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread, Peloton Digital app, or Peloton website. Once you find your program, click Join, and then you'll have access to Week 1 of the program.

Peloton Program list image credit Peloton app.
Peloton Program list image credit Peloton app.