List of Peloton Training Programs - Details, Overview & More

The following is a list of Peloton programs & Peloton training programs. They range from marathon training programs, power zone, couch to 5k, strength, and many more. Click any program to find a page with an overview of the program, and a list of classes for each week.

Note - At Homecoming 2021, Peloton announced Training Plans 2.0. This included new progress scorecards, badges, and more. However, classes that are part of a program are now ONLY available to those in a program - if you were halfway through an old program, you lost access to where you were. However, if you know a direct link to a class from the program, you can still start it from your phone, or bookmark & stack it to find it on your bike or tread. Each program page below has direct links for you.

Additionally, you can unlock and jump to any week of a program using the workaround described here

List of Current Peloton Programs & Peloton Training Programs

List of Former Peloton Programs & Peloton Training Programs

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To actually join these programs, you'll want to go to the Program area of your Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread, or Peloton Digital app - programs are not yet available through the Peloton website. Once you find your program, click Join, and then you'll have access to Week 1 of the program.

Peloton Program list image credit Peloton app.
Peloton Program list image credit Peloton app.