Peloton adds new Peloton Family classes

Peloton is back with another new class type for the Peloton community. Less than a week after introducing the new Dance Cardio classes, Peloton is launching new Peloton Family classes, which as the name implies, are new Peloton classes designed for the whole family to workout together.

Within the broader category of Peloton Family classes, they have 4 different sub-types of classes, each designed with a different purpose in mind. Below each class description are links to the new classes that are available in the on-demand library at time of publishing.

Peloton Fit Family Fun Classes are designed for ages 5 and up, and are 15 minutes in length. Jess Sims leads the classes, which are “full body, family-friendly educational workout that includes cardio and strength training.”

Peloton Fit Family Strong Classes are designed for ages 10 and up, and are 20 minutes in length. Again led by Jess Sims, these classes are also “full body, family-friendly educational workout that includes cardio and strength training.”

Peloton Fit Family Brain Breaks are for ages 5 and up, and each class is 5 minutes long. These short classes are designed to both entertain and give your body a quick reset. This might include a game of Freeze, where when the music stops, you stop, or other fun games.

These classes incorporate quick movements and engaging storytelling designed to give families a break and let their bodies and minds get creative. Inspired by childhood classics like Musical Chairs and Freeze!, Family Brain Breaks are a great way to get your family up and moving, to reset and refresh.

Peloton Family Meditation Classes are for all ages, and vary in length from 5-10 minutes. These are the meditation classes you are familiar with if you’ve taken any of the others, just designed with the whole family in mind! The family meditation classes are led by the regular Peloton meditation instructors – Anna Greenberg, Aditi Shah, Ross Rayburn and Kristin McGee.

To access the new Peloton Family classes, in the Peloton app or website, navigate to the Cardio section, then pick the “Family” filter for class type to get to the Fit Family Fun, Fit Family Strong, and Fit Family Brain Break classes. To find the Family Meditation classes, navigate to the Meditation section, and then pick Mindfulness as the class type.

Do you plan to give these classes a try with your family?

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