Report: Bike Bootcamp Classes could be coming soon to Peloton

Update – Peloton has officially launched bike-based bootcamp classes as of September 15th. The initial roster of instructors are Jess Sims, Cody Rigsby, and Robin Arzon.

This is shaping up to be quite an exciting week. In case you’re just tuning in, earlier this week Bloomberg confirmed what we’ve been reporting over the last several months – Peloton is developing a new lower cost Tread (called just the “Tread”), and a new premium bike, called the Bike+. Over the weekend we also shared that the internal codenames for these products are the “Titan” for the premium Bike+, and “Prism” for the lower cost tread.

Beyond confirming that the new products are coming soon, Bloomberg also revealed that Peloton is developing some new workouts to launch with the new products. We previously reported that Jess King will likely be announced as a Tread instructor soon.

In their article, Bloomberg reports that Peloton is working on new bike-based bootcamp classes. Currently, all of the bootcamp classes in the library are designed where the workout is split between the Tread and floor/weight exercises. This change would see Peloton begin to create some bootcamp classes designed to be split between the Bike & Floor. Both the new Bike+ and Tread are expected to have a tablet that is able to swivel, thus making it easier to view the floor part of the exercise.

Peloton has been quietly laying the groundwork for bootcamp classes to grow beyond just Tread users. Last month, Peloton shared a blog post providing some tips and tricks for how users could still do bootcamp classes by swapping the Tread for outdoor runs, indoor cycling, or cardio. Most people likely are trying to to use their bike instead of the Tread, and the article has helpful device for those people:

If you’re going to replace the running portion of a bootcamp class with cycling, increase your resistance when the instructor calls for an incline; when they call for more speed, bump up your cadence. A jog on the Tread is roughly 25 to 40 cadence on the Bike, a run is about 40 to 60 cadence, and a sprint is 90 to 110 cadence or so.

You should try to remain in the saddle, but if you need a recovery, it’s okay to stand up or reduce resistance. Ultimately, the goal is to reach the same amount of intensity that the instructor is calling for, even though you’re doing a different form of cardio.

The current instructors for Tread-based bootcamp classes are:

  • Adrian Williams
  • Andy Speer
  • Becs Gentry
  • Chase Tucker
  • Jess Sims
  • Matty Maggiacomo
  • Olivia Amato
  • Rebecca Kennedy
  • Robin Arzon
  • Selena Samuela

It is not known at this time which instructors would be involved in the bike bootcamp classes – which instructor do you think or hope would teach these classes?

Stay tuned all this week as we continue to bring you more news about the products!

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