Latest Peloton Coronavirus COVID-19 Update – Letter from CEO John Foley

Like every business across the country, Peloton has been reacting quickly to help try and mitigate the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, and protect both the Peloton community and their staff. They started the week by announcing the cancellation of Homecoming 2020. This was followed by announcing they would be reducing the number of classes, but still allowing people to ride in the studio. Less than 12 hours after that update, they announced that classes would still be created, but noone would be allowed in the audience.

Today, Peloton has released a letter/update from CEO John Foley, outlining the steps they will continue to take. Highlights include:

  • The continued shuttering of the New York & London studios to the public. He confirms that this will continue even after the move to the new Hudson Yard studio takes place on Thursday. There is no set target date for allowing members back into the studio. He also mentions they will be operating on a modified schedule for the time being.
  • All Peloton retail stores will be closed for two weeks from March 16th-March 29th. The plan is to reopen them on Monday, March 30th. The online store will remain open.
  • For the time being, both Peloton and XPO teams will continue to deliver bike and treads, while taking extra precautions they detail here.
  • Peloton will work to transition their support teams to be able to work fully remote.
  • For workers in global offices who can, they are asking them to work remotely, and for those who must report to Peloton offices, to take extra precautions.
  • Peloton will be restricting all non-essential global business travel.
  • Peloton will be providing extended sick time for all our employees globally to ensure they don’t have to choose between their health and taking care of their families.

You can see the full details of the changes and read the letter from John Foley here

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