Report: Peloton Rower might launch by May; Tonal competitor being developed; Subscription Fee could be raised

This morning, The Financial Times published a new report & interview with lots of interesting details.

First, the Financial Times is reporting that the Peloton Rower (codenamed Caesar) is in active development still, and being tested in employees homes. Their sources report that it could be announced before, or even at, Peloton Homecoming – which they share will take place on May 13th this year (Update – Peloton Homecoming has now been officially confirmed as taking place on May 13 – 14).

They note that classes could be taught both by coaches in studio, and also might have some classes taught by coaches on the water, like Hydrow does. The FT states they have seen photos & specs of the rower, although those were not shared. They also confirm our report from last summer that the Rower is expected to have some form feedback features.

The Financial Times is also reporting that Peloton is developing a full Tonal competitor (this is different than the upcoming Peloton Guide coming out on April 5th). The codename for the new Peloton strength project is “Project Cobra”

Project Cobra would deliver Peloton’s first dedicated strength product. It is designed to rival Tonal, a cable-pulley weight system manufactured by a Peloton competitor. Unlike Tonal, Cobra does not attach to a wall and pairs with a television rather than a touch screen. The product does not appear to be as imminent as the rower.

It’s not clear if the look & function of Project Cobra would be that of the codenamed “Peloton Platform” that was surveyed about last summer – although the “Peloton Focus” is what is being launched as the Peloton Guide in 2 months.

They also interviewed new Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy, who revealed that they would be looking at Peloton’s pricing structure moving forward, and it’s possible it could be changed. McCarthy said:

His “playbook” will include developing “product line extensions” so customers could own multiple machines, McCarthy said. He added, however, that “an entirely different pricing structure” could replace the $39 monthly subscription fee which has been static since the company sold its first bikes via Kickstarter.

Also in the interview, he stated he was not planning on simply trying to sell the company – but instead focus on the content. His goal is to expand the digital community and enhance content.

You can read the full report from The Financial Times here.

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