New German Strength-First (& Tread) Peloton Coach: Marcel Maurer

Update Marcel has now been announced to also be teaching Tread classes. His premiere run will be October 1st @ 12:00pm ET.

The newest German Peloton coach has been announced this morning: Marcel Maurer

Marcel’s premiere class will launch on-demand tomorrow, July 27th @ 1:00pm ET. It is a 20 minute full body strength class.

Like the latest coaches introduced in the US, Callie & Rad, Marcel will also be a strength-first coach, focusing on strength classes.

Marcel’s official bio is now live on Peloton’s site:

If there’s one thing Marcel cares about, it’s that you have fun during his classes and harness your inner power. The former soccer player has learned that giving back, supporting others and being present in the moment is much more powerful than any victory. In his classes, you can expect lots of motivation and positive vibes, as well as Marcel’s contagious smile.

Marcel is the first coach added to the Peloton Germany team since Irene Scholz left Peloton in May.

You can find Marcel on Instagram @ marcel2coach.

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