Tips & Tricks for Booking a Class at Peloton Studios New York or London In Person

It’s been more than half a year since Peloton officially reopened their studios in New York and London in the summer of 2022. Over the past few months, Peloton has made a number of changes and additions to the booking process – most recently at the end of January when they expanded the number of days the studio is open and new limits on the number of classes.

However, even with the changes, many members are reporting having difficulty getting into classes in person, and classes fill up within minutes of them becoming available for sale. This article provides tips and tricks for how to book a class at Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) and Peloton Studios London (PSL).

Note that in December 2023, Peloton migrated to a new booking system. With that, waitlist spots now count towards your limit, and you have to manually claim spots from the waitlist. However, in addition to that, you no longer have to pre-purchase credits.

In Spring 2024, the virtual queue for the booking system was removed, so members no longer need to go to the site an hour ahead of time.

Note that these are big picture items to keep in mind if you’re hoping to secure a spot – if you have additional questions, we have a guide that contains much more information about the entire process from start to finish.

If you’ve attempted – whether successfully or unsuccessfully – to book a class at PSNY or PSL thus far, you know that the classes fill up extremely quickly. Keeping the below items in mind as you navigate the process will hopefully prove helpful.

The website you will use for booking Peloton studio classes is

  1. Bookings open for classes six weeks in advance (35 days) at 12:00 p.m. ET on Thursdays. There used to be a queue that you had to get in line an hour early for, however, that was removed in Spring 2024. So you can now just go start refreshing the site a little before noon on Thursdays. Note that some people view this as opening 5 weeks in advance – however, the “six weeks” comes from Peloton counting the immediate upcoming weekend as Week 1. Another way to look at it is on any given Thursday, Peloton will release classes for the weekend that begins 35 days from then.
  2. Try booking a random class as a test run in the weeks before you want to book for real. The first time you book, you have to fill out waivers, and put in your credit card information. If you do this for the first time when trying to book a class for real, the class will likely be gone before you are entering your information. You should try booking a class ahead of time, which you will then cancel, to get your waivers filled out and credit card saved into the system so you can more quickly check out when you are booking a class for real. As long as you then cancel that class more than 24 hours before it takes place, you’ll get a refund to your credit card. Note that the PSL & PSNY waivers and credit cards are separate, so if you are booking for the first time in the other studio, you’ll need to go through the process again.
  3. To put it bluntly, there is no time to think, ponder, or thoughtfully weigh which classes you want to sign up for once the booking opens. We recommend looking at previous weeks’ schedules to get an idea of when coaches usually teach. When the schedule goes live and you see spots available, be prepared to book them as quickly as you can. With exceptions, most classes are full within minutes, if not seconds.
  4. Sign up for waitlists if you see them online. Many people who have successfully taken a class at PSNY and PSL have been able to do so by getting off the waitlist. Peloton recently updated the cancellation policy from 12 to 24 hours, meaning members must cancel at least 24 hours before their scheduled class in order to receive their credit back. This change was likely to allow more time to notify waitlisted members that a spot opened up in the class. Peloton recently shared in a video that a majority of people who sign up for a waitlist end up getting into a class (though it is more likely to make it off a waitlist for a cycling class or running class, due to the number of spaces available). Note that as of 2024, you only have 2 hours to claim a waitlist spot if it opens up.
  5. Check back the week before the class. On Monday or Tuesday, it seems like a few spots open up for many classes for the upcoming weekend. If you’re local or already going to be going, and just trying to add a class, you can sometimes grab a last minute spot that way.
  6. If you’re local to the New York or London metropolitan areas, you can try standby. The waitlist for each class closes the night before, and those who were on the waitlist but did not receive a confirmed spot in a class will be moved to the standby list. However, you must still show up in-person one hour before the class start time to have a chance to make it into the class. Inevitably many people who were on the waitlist will not be able to be there – so you can still go to the studio an hour beforehand to try to secure a spot, even if you were never on the waitlist for the class. Approximately 30 minutes before the class start time, Peloton will randomly select individuals from the standby list who checked in at the studio to fill any open spots. The odds of getting into the class are the same regardless of whether you were officially waitlisted or you just chose to show up.

Again, if you have more questions and are looking for additional information, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on how to book a class at PSNY and PSL.

Good luck! Do you have any extra tips? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Sheri says:

    It would be helpful to add that you need to continuously refresh your screen until you are in the queue. Just logging in won’t get you in the queue if the queue hasn’t started yet. If the queue has already been open for a period of time before logging in, you are probably too late to get a class. There is no set time that the queue begins, so log in early and prepare to click for a while (or use some kind of bot).

  • Chris says:

    i’ve been logged in and refreshing since 11am and it doesn’t show that i’m in the queue. the old system used to notify you were in the queue – does it on the new system?

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