Once you have a Peloton bike, your attention turns to accessories. Whether you think the seat isn’t comfortable, or you want a fan to cool off, there are many beneficial accessories you can get. Below, we list some popular and recommended Peloton accessories that can enhance your Peloton experience. If you are looking for a more traditional Peloton Gift Guide, don’t worry, we have that too, just click right here! Otherwise, continue on for the Top Peloton Accessories. Note that some links may be affiliate links – so by purchasing through the links on this page (for the same price you would otherwise), you support our site. We only list products that we, or members we know, have tried out and recommend!

A common complaint of people is that the seat is uncomfortable. While a lot of people find after 10 or so rides they get used to it, others need additional help. A seat cover or padded gel seat might be just the thing to make your ride more comfortable!

Looking for an alternative to a chest-mounted heart rate strap? These armbands come highly recommended!

One of the most common complaints about the Peloton bike is that the sound quality of the speakers can be a little lacking. You can pair a set of bluetooth headphones or speakers to solve that problem easily!

Along the same lines as the mat to protect your floor, you’ll want some towels to get the sweat off you and your bike!

Peloton Laptop holders, phone mounts, trays, water bottles and more. All the things you don’t realize you need for your Peloton until you do!


Getting a bit too warm on the bike? Grab yourself a fan to cool off! If you sweat like Matt Wilpers, you might want to look at our first two options, which are larger fans that are capable of cooling a whole room. For the lighter sweaters, or if you want a mobile option, you can look at a portable battery operated fan that could clip on the Peloton screen on handlebars.


As you use your Peloton more and go for longer rides & run, you’ll find you might start needing some nutrition and snacks while on the bike & Tread. There’s a number of options out there – experiment, and see what works best for your body & stomach! What works best for one person might not be what’s best for you. This can either be nutrition for while actively working out, or for fueling pre and post class.


Whether you put your bike on hardwood floors or carpet, you’ll find that there will be a large build-up of sweat under your bike. Placing your bike on a mat will make it easy to clean up and protect your floor!

Get your full list of recommended Peloton accessories that every Peloton fanatic should have in their homes!
Get your full list of recommended Peloton accessories that every Peloton fanatic should have in their homes!