Peloton Launches new “Live From Home” classes

Peloton announced this morning that they are launching a new “Live From Home” series of classes, starting tomorrow! With the New York and London studios still shut down, Peloton has not had the ability to create or stream any new live classes.

Over the past few weeks, instructors have been posting and sharing on social media that they have been having Peloton bikes delivered to their houses (a number of them never had them before this!). With the lack of live classes, instructors have been trying to keep engagement up with the community by taking classes on demand, and riding and high fiving with the community.

Today’s announcement of the new “Live from Home” classes is the next step in Peloton keeping engagement up. Based on statements so far, it sounds like it should have a decent amount of production value behind it. Expect to see the classes you are familiar with, just streamed live from the instructors own homes. The plan is likely to continue these until the Peloton studios are able to re-open again. Peloton emailed members this morning with the announcement.

Every day, you continue show up for yourself, this community and for us. And though our studios remain closed for now, we’re committed to giving our best back to you. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that our instructors will be teaching live classes again—but just like you, they’ll be at home!

This is an exciting new chapter, and we’ll learn as we go. But together, we go far.

You can find the new “Live From Home” classes showing up on the Peloton schedule through the end of the week. For cycling, it looks like the current plan is one class a day, at 10am ET. For other disciplines, classes are scattered throughout the morning or early afternoon (in ET). At time of publishing, the current schedule is as follows, with all times shown in ET:

  • Wed, 4/22 @ 10am – Robin Arzon – 30 Minute Pop Ride, Live From Home
  • Wed, 4/22 @ 11am – Becs Gentry – 30 Minute Rock Run, Live From Home
  • Wed, 4/22 @ 12:30pm – Aditi Shah – Zen In Ten, Live From Home
  • Thur, 4/23 @ 8:30am – Olivia Amato – 30 Minute Pop Run, Live From Home
  • Thur, 4/23 @ 10am – Leanne Hainsby – 30 Minute 80s Ride, Live From Home
  • Thur, 4/23 @ 11am – Andy Speer – 20 Minute Bodyweight, Live From Home
  • Fri, 4/24 @ 10am – Alex Toussaint – 30 Minute HIIT Ride, Live From Home
  • Fri, 4/22 @ 12pm – Becs Gentry – 30 Minute HIIT Run, Live From Home
  • Fri, 4/24 @ 12:30pm – Aditi Shah – Zen In Ten, Live From Home
  • Sat, 4/25 @ 8:30am – Olivia Amato – 30 Minute Walk + Run, Live From Home
  • Sat, 4/25 @ 9am – Aditi Shah – 30 Minute Yoga Flow, Live From Home
  • Sat, 4/25 @ 10am – Robin Arzon – 30 Minute Together We Ride, Live From Home
  • Sun, 4/26 @ 10am – Ben Alldis – 30 Minute Interval & Arms, Live From Home
  • Sun, 4/26 @ 10:30am – Becs Gentry – 45 Minute Intervals Run, Live From Home
Image Source: Peloton Email

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