Report: Manufacturers prepare for Peloton Focus, Peloton Rower & Peloton Heart Rate Band

A brand new report this morning from DigiTimes Asia has identified 3 different new Peloton products launching either at the end of 2021, or the start of 2022. These are the Peloton Rower, Peloton Focus, and Peloton Heart Rate Band.

DigiTime’s information comes from talking to some of the manufacturers who make some of the components that go into Peloton devices – known as the supply chain. In this case, the sources are the companies Quanta Computer and Pegatron. They are responsible for making video screens (tablets) and webcams. Through this, DigiTimes seems to have identified launch dates for the products. They report that the Focus (“webcam”) and Heart Rate Band (“wearables”) would be set to launch by the end of the year, in order to try to get some sales for the holiday season.

One interesting note is that the Peloton Focus (or “Peloton webcam” in their report) might be sent to some members for free – though it is sure to be available for purchase as a standalone device as well. They state:

Peloton is planning to offer the webcam for free to senior members or new members that have pre-paid 3-year membership fees. Via the webcam, users will be able to interact with Peloton’s courses, while the wearable can track and record the users’ fitness data.

At PeloBuddy, we believe this “webcam” device is the product we have previously identified as the Peloton Focus (although the final name could change before launch), which would act like a Microsoft Connect device. When news first broke about this device in May, it was referred to as the Peloton Tiger.

The Peloton wearable they mention is likely the Peloton Heart Rate Band, which some members are currently testing right now. We first broke the news about this product in June

Finally, the report suggests that one of these companies will be responsible for manufacturing the new Peloton Rower (or Peloton Rowing Machine):

Pegatron, which will begin shipments of the displays at the end of 2022, will also manufacture a rowing machine for Peloton in 2022, the sources added.

This doesn’t explicitly clarify whether the rower would be available in late 2021, or 2022.

We reported just last week that the Rower had some hidden references contained in the Peloton app. You can find all the previous news about the Rower here.

Finally, a note about DigiTimes. They do similar reporting for Apple Products. MacRumors gives the following disclaimer about their accuracy

DigiTimes’ sources often provide reliable information, but the site has a mixed track record when it comes to interpreting that information and accurately deciphering Apple’s plans. DigiTimes receives a flood of data from the Asian supply chain, some of which it claims pertains to prototypes or test products that never make it to market or change significantly before launch, skewing its accuracy.

It is often best to view DigiTimes rumors with some skepticism until the info is corroborated by additional sources, especially when it comes to rumors that seem particularly outlandish or implausible.

The fact all of these Peloton products have been previously reported or rumored from other sources would lend some additional credibility to these reports – but still take them with the appropriate amount of caution.

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