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Teaser: Peloton Boxing Launching December 7 with Kendall Toole, Rad Lopez, and Selena Samuela

Update – Peloton has created Peloton Boxing classes under the “Peloton Boxing: Get Hooked” program.

Peloton just shared a new social media post. In it, they post “something” launching December 7th.

👀on the prize. coming Dec. 7.

The video shows Kendall Toole, Rad Lopez, and Selena Samuela, and ends simply with a “Starting December 7” message.

The audio of the video appears to be the sound of shadowboxing in the background. This, combined with the instructors involved, seems to mean that Peloton Boxing classes will be launching tomorrow, December 7th.

As further confirmation, Selena Samuela reshared the video to her Instagram stories with a boxing emoji.

Image credit Selena Instagram.

At the end of October, we got our most recent hint boxing was coming when Kendall posted a Spotify playlist saying it was “finally” coming.

Prior to that, both Bradley Rose, and Selena Samuela, heavily hinted boxing was on the way in video clips.

Will you be trying out boxing classes when they launch?

Images credit Peloton video.
Images credit Peloton video.

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  • Todd says:

    If it is only a shadow boxing class, that will be too bad. I was hoping for boxing integration with the Guide or punch trackers like Fight Camp.

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