Official: Jess King to start teaching Tread Classes

It’s official – Jess King will begin teaching Tread classes!

Peloton has added some on-demand Tread classes taught by Jess King to the class library. In addition, the upcoming schedule has been updated to show a Jess King premiere run airing tonight

You can check out her premiere live class on the Tread the following time:

  • Jess King – 30 minute Premiere Run – 9/30/20 @ 7:00pm ET

You can find her initial on-demand classes as follows:

She also has one walking class available:

  • Jess King – 30 minute Power Walk – 9/30/20 @ 10:00am ET

As we first reported last month, we saw some images of Jess King on a tread, appearing to teach a class. A few days later, we saw an image of a Peloton class in the app labeled “Jess King pre-run stretch”. At the time we speculated that she was in the process of recording the classes either as final test runs, or as classes to drop on-demand to go with the announcement.

And don’t worry Jess King bike fans – this doesn’t mean she will stop teaching biking classes! She is just adding running on top of her existing bike classes. She joins other instructors Robin Arzon, Matt Wilpers, and Olivia Amato who teach both bike and tread classes (while others like Denis Morton teach Yoga & Bike, among other examples).

Now the only question is – will Jess bring her “Jess King Experience” special series to the Tread now as well as the bike!?

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