Peloton Special Workout Series

Peloton Special Workout Series

Towards the end of 2019, Peloton began to introduce special limited time series or special themed workouts that occur weekly. You can find a list of different Peloton themed rides below, as well as what are currently published to occur over the next two weeks.

The Jess King Experience – Jess King

“The Jess King Experience is a moment where we can shake off the week and get ready for the weekend ahead! Bring your WHOLE self, and get ready for some realness and some craziness.”

Haleakala Volcano Climb (Christine Hawaii Volcano Series) – Christine D’Ercole

Christine D’Ercole takes you through climbing the 10,000+ foot Haleakala Volcano, in this 5 part, 5 hour climb ride series.

Listening Party (Music Discovery) – Emma Lovewell

“These rides are your music discovery tool, featuring indie artists, emerging artists, and deep cuts. This is not your top 40s type of ride, but you know it’s going to be a blast!”

Sundays with Love – Ally Love

“Inspirational, spiritually grounded, thought provoking ride. Every week we will be focusing on a different virtue, creating a space to celebrate one another.”

XOXO, Cody – Cody Rigsby

“In this series, we’re going to sweat to our favorite Celebrity Breakup BOPS, SPILL THE TEA on relationship advice, and focus on loving our damn self whether we’re BOO’d up or living our best life as a FIERCE single B*TCH!”

Looking for other unique Peloton workouts to complete? Check out our Peloton workout directory page, where we have information & lists of other special Peloton rides, runs, yoga flows, rows, and more.

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