Peloton Studios now to Open Summer 2022 & Homecoming 2022 Page Live Again (Still Virtual from May 13-14)

Last week Peloton launched the Homecoming 2022 site, only to remove it shortly thereafter. As of this morning, the page is back up!

Almost all of the details are the same: Homecoming 2022 will be held virtually from May 13-14, with two days of live classes, panel discussions, and special announcements. Check out our original article for additional details. You can access the site and count yourself in at

Included in the original site FAQs was a question about when Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) and Peloton Studios London (PSL) would open, which we covered last week as well. Peloton provided this answer: “PSNY and PSL are slated to open in fall 2022. Stay tuned for more information soon!”

However, the FAQs on the relaunched site now indicate that the studios will reopen earlier in summer of 2022.

Peloton Homecoming FAQs containing answer about PSNY and PSL reopening.
Peloton Homecoming FAQs answer about PSNY and PSL reopening.

Now, the website specifically says that Peloton plans to open the New York studios in Summer 2022, as well as the London studio at the same time.

There are no additional details available at this time, and it is entirely possible that this timeline could change (again). However, this would be the first time the public were able to gain access to the new studios. Additionally, there are a lot of questions about the reopening, which Peloton will likely answer closer to the date: what will the booking/reservation system entail? Will all fitness modalities be available to take in-person? Will Peloton require proof of vaccination and/or masks?

Count yourself in for Homecoming 2022 with the email associated with your Peloton account, and be sure to check out our dedicated Peloton Homecoming page to see details about previous year’s events, and to find additional details about this year’s Homecoming celebration as they are announced!

Will you be trying to take a live class in the new studios once they are open?

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