Apple Watch (GymKit) Integration + Product Code Names: Bike+ / Titan, Tread / Prism, Rower / Mazu

Developer Jeremy Klein submitted an interesting tip to us that reveals Peloton’s internal product code names for their upcoming products (due to be officially announced as soon as this week!) as well as some code that appears to confirm a long-rumored feature on the new products – better Apple Watch integration.

But first, some background. The Peloton bike monitor is essentially a large Android tablet – it runs a version of the Android operating system that is set up to boot and load the Peloton software. This means that the user interface you see on the bike is actually an Android app. These apps are distributed via “APKs”, or Android Package Kits. Extracting the Peloton APK from the bike and decompiling parts of it allow us to get a peak into some of the source code, and find some interesting details out.

Within the source code of the Peloton bike application is some code for “Hardware Type”, that defines the lists of products the software knows about. The code uses these types in functions that detect whether the app is running on a bike, tread, or other products. It is wihin these functions that the internal working Peloton code names for the products were revealed. Using these functions, we can match the Peloton code names to the relevant upcoming product releases:

The full file these are referenced in can be found here for those who are curious. This isn’t the first time we’ve ever seen the codename Titan – multiple reports over the past months have surfaced of delivery teams making references to a product called “Titan” coming soon.

“Mazu” is the one product type that isn’t specifically defined in the code. Prism is spelled out in the function “isTread”. Titan is spelled out in the function “isBike”. Mazu, however, is used in the function “isMazu” – so Peloton doesn’t give away the product type in the name of the function here. However, in Chinese mythology, Mazu is the goddess of the sea. Based on this water reference, we suspect that Mazu is in fact the code name for the Peloton rower – which unfortunately isn’t due to be released or announced at the same time as the Peloton Bike+ or lower cost Tread. However, it does just add to the growing body of evidence it’s still a product in the pipeline (and possibly the next closest to being launched, as the rumored Tonal competitor / connected strength device is still likely in the early stages). In fact, Bloomberg had a news report just this week that did again confirm that a rower still is in development. Over the last several months Peloton executives have made comments dampening expectations on when the rower might be released. We will have to wait and see how long the rower ends up being delayed (as the original expectation was earlier in 2020).

In addition to discovering the code names for the different Peloton products, some references in the code appear to tip off some upcoming features of the new Peloton products. Specifically, one integration that we’ve reported on previously is that the new products might have Apple’s GymKit feature. This is a feature that allows for Apple Watches and gym products to sync and communicate in both directions. This allows for you to record your heart rate from the watch, but use pace from the Peloton bike, for example. All of this data would be stored on your watch after the workout as over. In addition, this would allow for better integration and a smoother experience getting Peloton workout data into Apple Health, making it easier to close your rings. GymKit would also allow you to use your Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor on the Peloton Bike or Tread, without the need for any third party apps!

When examining the Peloton APK, there was a reference made to the application attempting to start GymKit.

ActivityManager: Unable to start service Intent { act=com.onepeloton.gymkit.IAppleWatchInterface pkg=com.onepeloton.gymkit

While it wouldn’t do anything currently, this code would likely trigger the communication between the Watch and Tread+ or Bike to communicate, as described above. While this reference doesn’t guarantee upcoming GymKit capability, it’s hard to imagine why else it would be trying to execute this code. Connect the Watts also has a report today claiming that the upcoming iOS 14 operating system has references both to GymKit Express & Peloton.

9to5Mac has found evidence in iOS 14 of something called “GymKit Express,” alongside assets for Peloton integration. Peloton’s integration with Apple Watch could tap into this new “GymKit Express” system. The inclusion of these assets could mean that this partnership has been in the works for some time.

We do not expect that a software update would allow GymKit and this integration to come to the existing Bike or Tread+. GymKit requires a special hardware chip to be included in the Tablet. This chip, known as NFC, is not believed to exist in any of the existing tablets – but is believed to be in the newer 23.8″ model that will be on the Bike+ and Lower Cost Tread. If Peloton allows existing Bike and Tread+ users to upgrade to newer tablets, then it might be possible.

Be sure to check back frequently, as we’ll continue to bring you news about the new products as we have them.

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