Peloton 2021 End of Year Email

Year End 2021 Letter From Peloton CEO John Foley

Peloton is continuing their annual practice of sending an end-of-year recap email from CEO John Foley to members. The email titled “A Message From Our Founder and CEO” has begun going out to members and focuses on a recap of this past year:

As we reach the end of 2021, I can’t help but reflect on what a year it has been. For many of us, it was another year defined by uncertainty and stress, but there were also moments of hope and resilience. And while we continue to face challenging times, we here at Peloton are committed, more than ever, to providing you and your loved ones with a positive and supportive fitness and wellness experience… something we all need, these days more than ever.

You can find the entirety of the email at the end of this article. The message goes on to highlight what Peloton accomplished in 2021.

First, Peloton announced a record 19 new instructors in 2021:

Peloton also released new seasons of member favorites. Dance Cardio Season 2 launched in October and featured a collaboration with USHER. A second installment of Pilates arrived in April and showcased five new instructors who had not been included in the first edition. Both Sundays with Love and The Jess King Experience returned for their third season, and Alex Touissant also launched his Ride to Greatness series.

Peloton also launched the highly-requested and long-awaited modality of boxing. The Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing program launched earlier this month and Peloton has promised new content and new instructors in 2022.

Numerous new features were also launched in 2021. After fielding requests for years, Peloton finally added a pause button for the Bike. They announced a total revamp of their programs at Homecoming 2021, which now require members to start the program in order to gain access to the content (though if you want to go the a la carte route, check out our guide with lists and links here). These programs included partnerships with Olympic athletes like Alyson Felix and Usain Bolt.

Peloton also launched the Strive Score, which is a personal measure of how hard you’re working in a particular workout based on your heart rate. After beta testing in 2020, Peloton officially launched the Sessions feature in March, which allows members to create group rides with friends and family of previously aired on-demand classes. When you join a Session you receive a fresh leaderboard, similar to an Encore class.

Finally, Peloton added the Stacks and Scheduling features. Stacks allow members to plan out their entire workout and move efficiently from one class to the next. Scheduling allows members to add both live and on-demand classes to their own personal schedule, which is viewable independently of the official Peloton schedule.

This was also a huge year for featured Artist Series. There were 37 artist series in 2021, with huge names such as Beyonce and the Beatles. We can’t forget about the All For One Music Festival, which took place over the 4th of July weekend, and featured 25 artists and classes taught by 40 instructors. Peloton also partnered with Spotify to release instructor-curated playlists and a quiz to match members to an instructor based on music taste. Peloton has teased one final artist series for 2021, which will be released on Christmas Day. Our prediction is Taylor Swift, and you can read more about why here. If you want to revisit any artist series of the past year, be sure to check out our complete list.

Peloton also announced their new strength device called the Peloton Guide, along with a Peloton Heart Rate Band, which will be debuting in 2022. Of note is that the release of the smaller, lower-cost Tread is not mentioned anywhere in the recap email, and neither is any sort of update on the Tread+, which was recalled earlier this year.

The end-of-year email also highlights new partnerships with Delta and LG, as well as their continued progress on the Peloton Pledge, their 4-year, $100 million commitment to fight racial injustice and promote health and wellbeing. Foley also points out that they surpassed 1 billion workouts globally for the first time.

Peloton has sent year-end emails to members in 2020 and 2019. Though 2019’s message focused on the future, both the 2020 and 2021 messages focused on a recap of the past year. There is also a version for U.K. members with only slight differences – the letter puts more emphasis on the new U.K. and German instructors, and doesn’t mention Sundays with Love, The Jess King Experience, or Ride to Greatness series.

Addressing what is to come in 2022, Foley promises “exciting content, new features, and new products” he thinks members will love.

You can find the entire text of the U.S. version of the letter below:

Dear Members,

As we reach the end of 2021, I can’t help but reflect on what a year it has been. For many of us, it was another year defined by uncertainty and stress, but there were also moments of hope and resilience. And while we continue to face challenging times, we here at Peloton are committed, more than ever, to providing you and your loved ones with a positive and supportive fitness and wellness experience… something we all need, these days more than ever.

As I hope you know, we are sincerely grateful for you as a Member of the Peloton community. We listen to all of your feedback and you are at the heart of everything we do. Our teams have been working relentlessly to improve your experience and ensure the Peloton Membership is the best value in fitness.

With that, we have accomplished so much together in 2021:

  • Added 19 new Instructors to our roster globally
    • In the US, we welcomed new Strength Instructors, Rad Lopez & Callie Gullickson; new Tread instructors, Daniel McKenna, Kirsten Ferguson, and Marcel Dinkins; new Yoga instructors, including Mariana Fernández, our first Spanish-speaking Yoga instructor, and Kirra Michel & Nico Sarani bringing Australian and German representation to Yoga. We also introduced our first Spanish-speaking Cycling instructor, Camila Ramón!
    • In the UK and Germany, we welcomed Jermaine Johnson, Susie Chan, Joslyn Thompson Rule, Jon Hosking, Marcel Maurer, Tobias Heinze, and Jeffrey Mc Eachern on Tread. Bradley Rose joined us in the UK on Bike, and we rounded out our German Cycling team with Mila Lazar, Charlotte Weidenbach, and Benny Adami.
  • Brought new Seasons of Member favorites
    • Sundays with Love and The Jess King Experience returned for their third seasons
    • Introduced Ride to Greatness with Alex Toussaint
    • Brought you Dance Cardio Season 2 with classes and routines taught by talented artists and choreographers that work with top artists, including Beyonce and USHER himself
  • Introduced new class offerings in Yoga and Pilates, and kicked off Boxing with a new Program, Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing
  • Introduced new features
    • The highly anticipated Pause button is here, allowing you to pause On-Demand classes on the Bike!
    • The Programs you’ve loved, like Crush Your Core and Power Zone, are offered in a new, structured way that guides you and celebrates your achievements as you go.
    • Strive Score provides a new non-competitive metric to track your workouts in every class from the Bike or Tread to the floor.
    • Sessions launched as a new way to workout in smaller groups for healthy competition.
    • Stacks allow for curated playlists of classes to take consecutively so you’re getting a rounded-out and self-customized workout.
    • Last but not least, Scheduling puts you in control and allows you to plan your workouts ahead of time and get reminded to show up.
  • Brought you even more Music
    • Brought 37 new Artist Series to life this year, including top artists like Megan Thee Stallion, Bad Bunny, Spice Girls, Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters, USHER, Beyoncé Part 2, and more!
    • Collaborated with the Verzuz team to deliver 5 Verzuz events that included 17 inspired classes
    • Reinvented All For One and brought to you our first ever music festival with 25 artists
    • Partnered with Spotify to create classes inspired by their most popular playlists and even launched a Curated By Peloton shelf which can be found within the Spotify workout hub, which gets refreshed monthly with new playlists curated by your favorite instructors
  • Partnered with champions Alyson Felix and Usain Bolt to bring to you the Champions Collections and new Programs: Train Like Usain Bolt and Train Like Alyson Felix!
  • Developed strong partnerships to bring Peloton to more people across new platforms including meditation and stretching classes on Delta flights and access to the Peloton App on LG Smart TVs


This year, we have also reached a tremendous milestone that I am very proud of – we surpassed 1 billion workouts globally! I still believe that Peloton offers the best value in fitness on a cost per workout basis.

We also made strides with the Peloton Pledge, our four-year, $100 million commitment to fight racial injustice in our world and to promote health + wellbeing for all. We invited our leaders at Peloton to complete Antiracism Learning Journeys, so we’re all leading with anti-racist practices in mind.

Finally, we announced our latest technology, the Peloton Guide, our first connected strength product. The AI-enabled device easily connects to televisions, providing Members instant access to a suite of expert Instructors and the well-loved Peloton content library. Peloton Guide is our most accessibly-priced hardware product yet and will be available with the new Peloton Heart Rate Band in 2022. I can’t wait for you to try it yourself.

Our goal is to constantly add value to your Membership, which we’ll continue to do in 2022 with exciting content, new features, and new products I think you’ll love.

I want to personally thank you for your continued support of Peloton. Our Members and the community are our True North, and you continue to inspire all that we do. Together, we are one Peloton.

Happy Holidays,

John Foley
Peloton CEO & Founder

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