New Peloton Coaches announced: Joslyn Thompson Rule & Jon Hosking

Peloton has announced two new running Tread coaches today: Joslyn Thompson Rule & Jon Hosking.

Jon’s premiere run is Saturday, October 23rd @ 9:30am ET.

Joslyn’s premire run is Sunday, October 24th @ 9:30am ET.

You can find their instructor pages on the Peloton website. Jon’s page is here, and Joslyn’s page is here.

Peloton also has a blog post up with additional information about Jon & Joslyn.

Both coaches are currently based out of London, so will be teaching from the new Peloton UK studios.

Joslyn Thompson Rule has previously worked with Nike, and has her own podcast called “Fitness Unfiltered”. She has also written a book called How To Move It: Reset Your Body [affiliate link].

Joslyn’s bio from Peloton states:

A lifelong athlete, Joslyn finds confidence in fitness and running that no one can take away. She believes exercise should be accessible for everyone and has built her career around coaching others to find the confidence to pursue their own goals and cherish their unique bodies—wherever they are on their fitness journey. A powerhouse and a self-proclaimed recovery fiend, she takes a holistic approach to training that nurtures the whole self, because her focus is firmly on the long game. Her warmth, expertise and mantra of “let’s just see” will inspire you to prove to yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you’re willing to give it a go.

Jon Hosking has previously worked as both a model & fitness trainer. He also doesn’t mind being on a rower – he once did a fundraiser by rowing a marathon distance for 5 days in a row.

Jon’s official bio states:

Since his days at Art School, painting has always played an important role in Jon’s life. He’s had studio space in the UK and the US, and loves to lose himself in his art. Time flies by when he finds his flow in the studio, and that is the same headspace he loves to get into when exercising; when you’re so immersed in that very moment everything else in your life just fades away. And Jon knows exactly how to get you there. With classes grounded in positivity and gratitude, Jon mixes unbeatable playlists, a wicked sense of humour and top fitness expertise to always ensure you leave each workout with a bold sense of accomplishment and a smile on your face.

We previously reported both of them were rumored to be joining Peloton. You can read the rumor about Joslyn joining here, and the rumor about Jon joining here.

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