Report: New Peloton Bike & Tread Confirmed: Tread & Bike+ – Announcement next week?

Bloomberg has a report confirming details we’ve been reporting about the upcoming new Peloton products – the new premium bike and lower cost tread.

The new lower cost tread will just be called “Tread”, and be priced under $3,000. The current treadmill will remain available for sale and be renamed the “Tread+”. We actually had a exclusive first look at an image of the new Tread earlier this week.

The new premium bike will be called the “Bike+”, and be priced slightly higher than the current bike is. The current bike (now called “Bike”) will have it’s price point lowered to $1,900.

As our image showed the new bike & tread is expected to have a monitor that will swivel, in order to make bootcamps and floor classes easier off the devices.

Peloton is also reported to be expanding their bootcamp program. It currently is only available with Tread classes, but with the new products, they are expected to begin teaching Peloton Bike Bootcamp classes as well.

Bloomberg reports the announcement could come next week. They expect that the Bike+ will be available sooner than the Tread.

What upgrades might be available on the Peloton Bike+? Here’s what we have heard rumored so far.

  • New slightly larger bike screen tablet
  • Ability to swivel or pivot the video tablet, making it easier to do the floor/yoga/meditation content
  • NFC GymKit support – adding better integration with Apple Health & Apple Watches
  • Smart Bike Features – Optional ability for bike to set resistance for you as instructor calls it out. This could eventually lead to a ERG mode, where the bike adjusts resistance to keep you at a certain power or output as your cadence changes.
  • Fore/aft adjust of the handlebars – the current generation bike only adjusts up & down
  • Front facing speakers on new tablet

And what would be different on the smaller Tread, compared to the existing Tread+?

  • Smaller monitor (22-24″ instead of current 32″)
  • Rubberized belt instead of rubberized slats
  • Smaller/shorter base of the Tread
  • Monitor would swivel
  • Free Mode? No word yet on whether free mode would still exist on the Tread

International Peloton members might be extra excited by this announcement. Until now, the Peloton Tread+ has not been available for sale outside of the US. The new smaller “Peloton Tread” model is expected to be launched globally, and this would make the Peloton Tread available for sale in the UK, Canada, and Germany. We haven’t been able to confirm if it will go for sale in all countries at the same time, or start in the US and expand from there a few weeks later.

The report also states the the company still is developing the Peloton rower, but timing has been delayed.

One question on members mind is “Will there be any sort of trade in / trade up programs for the new Peloton Bike+”. At this time we don’t have any details about this.

If you’ve ordered the bike recently, there might be some good news for you. We’ve heard multiple reports of people getting this same response from Peloton customer support.

If we lower the price of our Bike or Tread, we will proactively refund the difference to all members who are awaiting delivery as well as those who received their product in the preceding 30 days.

This is a developing story, more to come.

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