Peloton Boxing Announcement: Jermaine & Becs. Image credit Pelotons social media.

Peloton Adds 2 New Instructors to Boxing Roster: Becs Gentry & Jermaine Johnson

Peloton has added two new instructors to the boxing roster: Becs Gentry and Jermaine Johnson! Peloton made the announcement via Instagram:

🚨The Peloton Boxing lineup just got stronger🚨
@becsgentry & @jermainejohnsonuk are your new boxing instructors—and they’re ready to throw some punches with you! Find their first shadowboxing classes on demand now, under Cardio.

Six new boxing classes dropped on demand this morning along with two new post-boxing stretches. The drop includes a warm-up from both Becs and Jermaine, and either 20 or 30 minute shadowboxing classes.

Both Becs and Jermaine also teach on the Tread and instruct strength content on the mat. Jermaine is a relatively new addition to the Peloton team, joining in September of 2021. Jermaine is the first UK-based coach to teach boxing classes.

Peloton first launched their boxing content in December of 2021 with instructors Kendall Toole, Selena Samuela, and Rad Lopez. It first launched in the form of the Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing program before Peloton added classes to the live schedule earlier this year. Peloton has previously teased that new instructors would be added to the boxing roster, but it was unclear who exactly that might be.

You can find all of Peloton’s boxing content under the “Cardio” category, and you can filter by “shadowboxing” class type to view all available classes. New content has been dropping on demand every Friday since late January.

If you’re new to Peloton Boxing, be sure to try out the two-week Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing program for an introduction to the modality. Because it’s a program the classes are not available in the general class list. Members must “start the program” and follow the recommended class schedule in order to access the content. However, using our lists, you can jump around the program as you wish and unlock the classes. The program page for Get Hooked: Peloton Boxing is here.

Have you been enjoying Peloton’s boxing content, and if so – will you be trying out the new classes with Becs and Jermaine?

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  • BobH says:

    Really like the boxing classes. Hopefully they will keep adding classes weekly, as I had taken all of the current classes, and great to see new instructors joining in!

  • Michelle says:

    Love Becs and Jermaine. But, why not Bradley in the lineup? Wasn’t he actually a boxing coach?

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