Callie Gullickson to teach Bike Bootcamp. Image credit Peloton social media.

Peloton Announces Callie Gullickson as Newest Bike Bootcamp Instructor

Peloton is adding a fifth instructor to the Bike Bootcamp roster. Callie Gullickson, who joined Peloton in June as one of the first-ever strength-focused instructors, will begin teaching Bike Bootcamps this week.

Peloton’s Instagram post containing the announcement reads:

Callie Gullickson (@calliegullickson) brings her dancer’s discipline to her strength classes—along with her sunny attitude. Now it’s time to meet her on your Bike for bootcamp, and don’t forget your weights: You’ll take things to the mat for strength. Join her for a serious workout that’s never short on fun.

Callie joins fellow instructors Robin Arzón, Tunde Oyenenin, Cody Rigsby, and Jess Sims for Bike Bootcamp, which launched in September of 2020. Bike Bootcamp combines cardio with strength training, with members spending half of the class on the bike for intervals, and half of the class on the mat for strength circuits. At first, Bike Bootcamps went straight to on-demand, but Peloton began offering them as live classes in November and split them out into their own class category. If you want to learn more about Bike Bootcamp, you can check out our guide.

Callie shared her excitement about joining the Bike Bootcamp team on her Instagram:

You may need to tighten your pony a little extra for this one. WHO IS READY TO MEET ME ON THE BIKE 🚴‍♀️ @onepeloton

EEEK!!! I’m joining the phenomenal squad that is @robinnyc @codyrigsby @jsimsfit @tune2tunde as your newest Bike Bootcamp instructor.

Join me TOMORROW-Tuesday Oct 26th 12pm est for my ☀️FIRST LIVE Bike Bootcamp☀️
Don’t forget weights. We’ll be clipping out and taking it to the mat for strength.

If you’ve never taken Bike Bootcamp well PERFECT! We’re in this together.

Tomorrow we serve strength, cardio and as always, good vibes only- see you there!

Peloton leaked this information last week by posting and then quickly removing an announcement. Callie also appeared on the Bike Bootcamp instructor list for a brief period last week before she was removed. At the time it was unclear whether this was just a system glitch, but it was noteworthy that Callie had been posting about taking Bike Bootcamp on her Instagram stories. Callie is the second instructor addition following the initial launch of Bike Bootcamp, with Tunde being announced in December of 2020. Callie was also an instructor for the second season of Dance Cardio, which launched earlier this month.

You can catch Callie’s premiere Bike Bootcamp class on Tuesday, October 26 at 12:00 p.m. ET!

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