Apple to launch Peloton Competitor: Apple Fitness?

Bloomberg is reporting this morning that Apple is planning to offer some bundles of their various services, internally being called “Apple One”. However, as part of this, Apple might be planning to introduce some fitness aspects.

The report stats:

The company [Apple] is also developing a new subscription for virtual fitness classes that can be used via an app for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, the people said. That service will be offered in a higher-end bundle with the rest of Apple’s services. Codenamed “Seymour,” the workout package would rival virtual classes offered by companies including Peloton Interactive Inc. and Nike Inc., according to the people.

While these offerings are still in development and could change, the report states that they could be ready to launch in October, when the iPhone 12 is announced.

In the short term, this new offering might not be enticing to those who already own the Peloton bike or tread. However, it could immediately begin to attract people who are using the Peloton Digital platform.

Long term, Apple could take two approaches with their Apple Fitness services. They could try to develop their own hardware, or acquire a company already working on it, to be able to offer a bundle of hardware plus the virtual classes, which is the approach Peloton has taken. Alternatively, they could try to focus solely on the virtual classes, and develop them into a robust services that third party manufacturers could then install on their own bikes and other hardware devices, much like the ICON iFit platform which is installed on NordicTrack treadmills and others.

Longer term, the question becomes how does Peloton respond to all these competitors who are popping up (with Apple being just the latest). Are they able to innovate on their products, introducing new features, technology, and hardware products? Or do they assume that the lead they built over the last several years is insurmountable, and watch as other competitors leap frog them?

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Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis is the creator & founder of Pelo Buddy. He purchased his Peloton in 2018, and uses all the different devices: Peloton Bike, Tread, Row, and Guide. He has been involved in the fitness industry for more than a decade - previously co-founding the websites Mud Run Guide & Ninja Guide. You can find him on the leaderboard at #PeloBuddy.

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