Complete List of Peloton Broadway Classes & Workouts (Rides, Run, Yoga, etc)

A complete list of all Peloton Broadway Classes & Workouts, including all the Peloton Broadway bike rides, Broadway runs on the Peloton Tread, and more!

Being based in New York City, Peloton & Broadway collaborations seem like a natural fit! At the beginning, Peloton's Broadway classes were a little more informal, with some of them being hidden/unlabeled rides. Over time, Peloton has begun to add more and more Broadway rides, Broadway runs, and Broadway Yoga classes. In 2020, Peloton even added an official "Broadway Series", which was kicked off with a week of special Peloton x Hamilton Broadway classes.

We keep a complete list of all Peloton Broadway classes - across all class types. This means you can find Peloton Broadway Rides, Peloton Broadway Runs, Peloton Broadway Yoga Flows, and all other class types. If you know of one we are missing, just email us!

Note that this list is divided into two parts. At the top will be the official "Broadway Series" classes, sorted by musical. The remainder of the Broadway classes will be listed by date under that, which are Broadway themed but not part of the official Broadway Series

List of Peloton "Broadway Series" Classes

Peloton "& Juliet" Classes

Peloton "Six" Classes

Peloton "Moulin Rouge" Classes

Peloton "Andrew Lloyd Webber" Classes

Peloton "Dear Evan Hansen" Classes

Peloton In The Heights Classes

Peloton RENT Classes

Peloton Wicked Classes

Peloton Hamilton Classes

This is the list of other Broadway Peloton classes that are not part of the official Broadway Series.

List of Broadway Peloton Classes & Workouts

2023 Peloton Broadway Classes

2022 Peloton Broadway Classes

2021 Peloton Broadway Classes

2020 Peloton Broadway Classes

2019 Peloton Broadway Classes

2017 Peloton Broadway Classes

2016 Peloton Broadway Classes

2015 Peloton Broadway Classes

This list is continually being updated as Peloton adds more Broadway rides, runs, and yoga flows. Most of the time they are listed as soon as they are announced, but just email us if you see one that is announced but not listed yet.

If you are interested in other themed classes, like Peloton Disney classes, movie-themed rides, and more, you can check out our full themed list here. You can find the Disney specific list here. You can also find other lists of Peloton classes, programs, and series here.

A complete list of Peloton classes & workouts that are Broadway Themed