Peloton Workouts with Multiple Instructors & Dual Rides

Information & List Of Peloton workouts having multiple instructors (Dual Rides, Two For One rides, etc)

Most of the content Peloton produces is the same format – one instructor, on their bike, tread, rower, or yoga mat, leading the class through that session’s workout. Every now and then Peloton has mixed things up and produced some special classes featuring two or more instructors. The most popular instance of this came for the July 4th “All For One” workouts. 2018 was the first “All For One” ride, featuring all of the bike instructors taking turns rotating through the bike. In 2019 the “All For One” workout came back, this time happening for both the bike & tread. In 2020, Peloton has promised to have more “Dual instructor” rides, featuring 2 instructors leading the same class for the whole session. You can check out any of the multiple instructor & dual ride workouts Peloton has created below.

Note that none of the workouts prior to 2019 are available to ride on-demand anymore, and the more current rides (2019 & newer) might disappear at any point as well, so please keep that in mind when looking at the rides in this list!

We’ll continue to update this list as Peloton adds more content, since it sounds like it will be a focus by the company to create more starting in 2020.

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