Peloton Lanebreak Ends Beta Testing – Video Game Released “Soon” to Members

Update – Peloton began releasing Lanebreak to more members on February 16th.

It appears that Peloton Lanebreak, the video game developed for the Bike and Bike+, has completed its beta testing phase and will soon be released to members.

The Peloton Research Team reportedly sent an email to some beta testers indicating that the testing phase is now complete, and it should be released “soon” to everyone:

We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for being a part of the Peloton Lanebreak beta experience. The feedback that you have so diligently provided us will be integral in making Peloton Lanebreak a unique and exciting feature.

Over the span of the beta experience, Peloton Lanebreak was used by thousands of Members from across the globe. We’ve pored over your comments and feedback to find out what matters most to you and to create the best experience. Keep an eye out as Peloton Lanebreak will be available soon on Bike and Bike+ with an active All-Access Membership.

We once again thank you for taking the time to be a part of this beta, and hope to see you take part in future testing at Peloton!

Peloton Lanebreak is a timed, score-based video game. ​​Similar to the ability to choose to “Just Ride” or take a Scenic Ride, Lanebreak will be another option for Members who don’t feel like taking a traditional cycling class with an instructor. You move forward by pedaling, and earn points for completing challenges on the track, with everything measured by cadence and resistance. You can read a complete detailed overview of the beta version here.

There is not yet any indication on when exactly Lanebreak might be released to members, but Peloton has previously said Lanebreak will become available in early 2022. Peloton first announced Lanebreak in summer of 2021.

When the game becomes available it will likely be via a software update, meaning that Bike and Bike+ owners would not have to take any action besides downloading the most recent update in order to access the game.

We’ll continue to post updates as we learn more information about Lanebreak’s imminent release.

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