Peloton Spanish Language Classes are now available (for Yoga currently)

This morning, Peloton added 3 brand new Peloton Yoga instructors to the platform. As part of that reveal, Peloton also quietly announced the launch of a brand new language. Starting at the end of this week, there will officially be Spanish language Peloton classes available on the Peloton platform.

To start off, only Yoga will be offered in Spanish, but it’s likely other class types like cycling & running would be added down the line as well in Spanish.

Screenshot of Peloton Spanish classes in the schedule.
There are now Spanish language Peloton classes, taught initially by Mariana Fernandez.

We had shared earlier this year that some job postings indicated Peloton was planning to add Spanish language classes, however, there was no indication on when that might launch.

Mariana Fernandez, who was announced today as a new Yoga coach, will primarily be teaching Spanish language classes. With that, Peloton has also updated the Peloton app and website to add “Spanish” as a language filter to classes, along with the existing English & German options.

Screenshot of the Spanish language Peloton filter.
A new filter for Spanish language is now available on the app and website.

Peloton’s text about Mariana states she is “Peloton’s first instructor to teach primarily in Spanish”

Peloton executives have also hinted that other foreign language classes might be in the works – and that prior to a full Peloton launch in certain countries, Peloton might try to launch with only Peloton digital in foreign languages. Recently, John Foley had explicitly stated that more foreign languages (beyond German, so he could have just been referring to Spanish) would be coming to the platform “in the coming quarters”.

Note that several years ago, there were a few random Spanish language classes available on the platform by current cycling coaches – however, that wasn’t a full language launch, and those were removed in previous purges.

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  • Laurie says:

    Mariana’s class today was awesome! It’s fantastic to have Spanish-language content on the platform – more than that, though, I found the class to be energizing and loved Mariana‘a positive message about building bridges through music and movement. QUE ONDA, PELOTON?

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