List of Peloton’s Christmas & Holiday Classes

List of Peloton's Christmas & Holiday Classes & Workouts (Rides, Run, Yoga, Bootcamp, Strength, etc)

Peloton likes to have special holiday themed classes around the time of Christmas & Hanukkah. These classes typically take place towards the middle or end of December. Over the years it has grown to include running, cycling, bootcamps, yoga, walking, and more.

Peloton's Christmas Classes & Holiday classes range from traditional songs & music, artist series rides, single genre themes, as well as speciality series including Cody's XO, XO. The last holiday class is usually scheduled just before Christmas, as Peloton closes a few days - before picking up with some end of year celebration classes leading into the New Year

If you're wondering if the Peloton Holiday classes & Peloton Christmas classes will earn you a special badge - it depends. The 2019 series had a special badge, but 2020 did not. As always, you can check our full list of Peloton badges for the latest on any classes that get added to earn badges

It's almost time for Peloton to add their 2021 Holiday & Christmas classes - look for the list in the next week or so - we'll update this page as they are announced. And if its before the holidays and you still need gift ideas, check out our holiday gift guide.

Full List of Peloton Holiday & Christmas Classes

2021 Peloton Holiday & Christmas Class List

2020 Peloton Holiday & Christmas Class List

2019 Peloton Holiday & Christmas Class List

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If you are looking for a year's classes that aren't listed yet, Peloton typically announces them 1-2 weeks before the holiday season, so stay tuned! Holiday classes that have been purged (or removed from the library) are shown with a line through them.