GymKit / Apple Watch support disabled for Bike Bootcamp classes for Peloton Bike+

Update: Peloton has issued a second follow-up statement on this to The Verge (below). The short of it is, while technically it’s possible to add the feature, Apple’s Terms of Service don’t currently allow it to be used for any workout types not 100% completed on certain types of hardware. Since Bike Bootcamps have portions of the workout not done on the bike, it isn’t allowed.

Apple GymKit is designed to work with equipment-based cardio workouts. However, Peloton recently implemented GymKit with Bike Bootcamp, a multi-disciplinary class type that combines strength and cardio, which the feature does not support. Members can still use GymKit to sync their cycling-only workouts to their Apple Watch from the Bike+.

Over the past week, Peloton seems to have made the decision to fully disable their Apple Watch integration (also known as GymKit) for Peloton’s Bike Bootcamp classes on the Bike+.

Officially, Peloton has been saying that GymKit / Apple Watch integration doesn’t work for the Bike Bootcamps for at least more than a month. The dedicated support page for GymKit on Peloton’s support site has noted support for cycling only for more than a month or so. The page states:

Please note that this feature is available in Cycling classes only, and not currently available for Bike Bootcamp.

However, although that has been noted in support, until the last week or so, many members have been successfully pairing their Apple Watch for use in Bike Bootcamp classes. It seems to have been totally disabled in the last week, as that’s when a larger number of questions and reports on social media have started occurring.

This week, Peloton has been confirming on social media that this doesn’t appear to be a glitch, but instead, a purposeful decision. For example, in response to a question on the official Peloton Facebook page (post here), Peloton stated:

A message from Peloton on Facebook about GymKit support
A message from Peloton on Facebook about GymKit support

(The message states “Apple GymKit will only be supported in our Cycling classes. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope to support Apple GymKit for additional class types in the future.”)

Note that Apple Watch GymKit integration is still working for regular cycling classes, it’s only for Bike Bootcamp classes. However, given one of the big features Peloton promoted for the Bike+ was the integration with Bike+, we understand that this will be frustrating to many members. We’ll keep an eye on this and report if/when it gets re-added to Bike Bootcamp (as well as other class types?).

The Verge reports that there might be licensing issues at play. They received a statement from a Peloton spokesman that stated the following (emphasis ours):

Peloton is committed to bringing the GymKit integration to all workouts and disciplines within Apple’s terms of service

H/T to Connect The Watts for first noticing the updates from Peloton’s Social Media team.

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