Complete List of New Peloton Scenic Rides (Scenic Rides 2.0)

Complete List of New Peloton Scenic Rides (Scenic Rides 2.0)

The following is a complete list of Peloton’s new scenic rides.

At Peloton Homecoming 2021, it was announced that Peloton was completely relaunching their scenic runs & rides. With the relaunch, there are now 3 types of scenic classes – guided, distance-based, and time-based.

The guided Peloton rides feature an instructor cycling with you, on-camera, talking to you through the workout, like you would expect in a normal class. The playlist is also curated and hand-picked by the instructor.

The new distance-based cycling classes have you ride for a certain amount of time. However, what’s new with the distanced-based classes is that the video is responsive – and the playback of the class will speed up or slow down and as your speed changes.

Finally, you have the new time-based rides – whereas you ride for a set amount of time. The video is *not* responsive for these. For both the time-based and distance-based classes, the playlist will change every day – so if you take the same class two days in a row, you should not hear the same songs.

Note that unfortunately, at this time the new scenic classes are ONLY available on the Peloton bike or Tread. This means if you are a digital-only user, or wanting to take a class while on the road, you are currently unable to. Peloton has said that this is because the upgraded experience (in particular the responsive video) requires the Peloton hardware. Peloton provided more details about this logic here. If you open any class in the list below on your phone or computer, this means it will say the class is unavailable – however, you should be able to pull it up on your Tread or Bike.

If you know of a class we’re missing (or if one of these has been completely removed), just email us and let us know and we can update it! If you’re curious about what scenic classes were available under the old system, you can find a full list of old Peloton scenic classes here.

You can also find the new scenic runs listed here.

List of Peloton’s Guided Scenic Rides (Instructor Scenic Rides)

Adrian Williams – 20 min Savannah Ride
Denis Morton – 30 min Big Sur Ride [California]
Matt Wilpers – 30 min Hawaii Ride

List of Peloton’s Time-Based Scenic Rides

10 minute Peloton Scenic Rides

10 min Abu Dhabi Ride
10 min Antelope Island State Park Ride [Utah]
10 min Bangkok at Night Ride [Thailand]
10 min Coron Ride [Philippines]
10 min Eifel National Park Ride [Germany]
10 min Grant Park Chicago Ride
10 min Melbourne at Night Ride [Australia]
10 min New York City Ride
10 min San Juanico Bridge Ride [Pan-Philippine Hwy Philippines]
10 min Seville Ride [Spain]
10 min Singapore Ride
10 min Sydney Sunrise Ride
10 min Veluwe National Park Ride [Netherlands]

15 minute Peloton Scenic Rides

15 min Avenue of Giants Ride [Redwoods in California]
15 min Crete Ride
15 min Great Falls Ride [Missouri River]
15 min Murcia Ride [Spain]
15 min Red Canyon Ride [Utah]
15 min Santa Monica Beach Ride [California]
15 min Snow Canyon Ride [Utah]
15 min St. Louis Route 66 Ride [Missouri]
15 min Vincentine Coast Ride [Portugal]
15 min Yellowstone Ride [Wyoming]
15 min Zion National Park Ride [Utah]

20 minute Peloton Scenic Rides

20 min Adelaide Ride [Australia]
20 min Andorra Mountains Ride
20 min Avignon Ride [France]
20 min Dolomites Ride [Italy]
20 min Lewis and Clark Ride [Montana]
20 min Marina Green Park Ride [San Francisco California]
20 min Valencia Ride [Spain]

30 minute Peloton Scenic Rides

30 min Brisbane Ride [Australia]
30 min Castile-La Mancha Ride [Spain]
30 min Cuyahoga Valley Ride [Ohio]
30 min French Pyrenees Ride
30 min Joshua Tree Ride [California]
30 min Medoc Ride [France]
30 min Serra De Monchique Algarve Ride [Portugal]

45 minute Peloton Scenic Rides

45 min Andalusia National Park Cabo De Gata Ride [Spain]
45 min Côte d’Or Vineyards Ride [France]
45 min South Island New Zealand Ride

60 minute Peloton Scenic Rides

60 min Andalusia Ride [Spain]
60 min Normandy Ride [France]
60 min Patagonia Ride [Argentina]
60 min Wyndham Australian Outback Ride

List of Peloton’s Distance-Based Scenic Rides

5K Savannah Wetlands Ride
5K Pūpūkea Forest Ride
5K Monterey Peninsula Ride
10K Pūpūkea Forest Ride
10K Georgia Longleaf Pines Ride
10K Big Sur Ride
10K Aguirre Spring Ride

This is a complete list of the new Peloton Scenic runs, including guided runs, distance based runs, and time based runs. #peloton #pelotonruns #running #pelobuddy

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Chris L
Chris is the founder of Pelo Buddy. He purchased his Peloton in 2018, and has been riding and running ever since. You can find him on the leaderboard at #PeloBuddy.


  • chris says:

    That’s still only roughly 10% of the former classes, and Peloton seems to be confused/clueless as to when they will be expanding the offerings. I’ve pinged their customer service chat (bots?) a few times, and have been told that a) all the old rides would be back shortly (not true), and b) new classes would be coming shortly (not holding my breath). There have been no updates in well over a month, so today I chatted and was told that they don’t have a schedule as to when more would be added.

    The three users in this household primarily did the scenic rides for a variety of reasons, and the ≈250 rides that had been in the library was a driving factor in making the purchase of the device.

    People don’t like it when things that they had paid for are taken away. We hope Peloton gets their heads out of the sand and brings back a decent amount of offerings soon.

  • Gary Harding says:

    wow. couldn’t agree with you more. I didn’t realize when I got my Peloton that I would enjoy the scenic rides most. I’ve literally done some of my favorites like 40 times or more. They just made a big deal about their new ride offerings, but there are still not that many and do not seem to be added at any regular pace. Eventually, I’ll sell my Peloton and/or a find a way to get virtual rides if this keeps up. I’ve been patient.

  • Frank says:

    The amount of scenic rides was the driving force in my purchase as well, particularly during Covid. And my Bike+ Just arrived after a six month wait, right after the removal. I did find out from support chat that maybe they need to “broaden their survey demographics”. So apparently they are unaware how many enjoy and prefer a scenic ride to music vs a loud trainer overshadowing the tune?

  • rich Stillman says:

    Yeah, and did you notice that with the recent software update, they no longer show the output data for the scenic ride. Supposedly because it’s too stressful. I contacted customer support to let them know it was bogus. And to reiterate that they’ve blown the scenic ride re-make.

  • John says:

    Bring back more scenic rides! Those are why I bought the stupid thing!

  • Melinda Durant says:

    Definitely need more scenic rides!! Time based, not guided. And longer distance based. 10k isn’t long enough.

  • Harvey says:

    They didn’t want to pay the licensing to virtual active anymore it’s always about making an extra buck

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