More evidence for new lower cost Peloton Treadmill (& premium bike?) launching before the end of 2020 from FCC

Thanks to the FCC, we now have more evidence indicating that new Peloton products are very likely to launch before the end of the year.

Peloton has re-filed their FCC application for a new tablet & display, with the version number TTR01. Previous reports have indicated this new tablet is what will be used on the new lower cost treadmill, as well as the eventual Peloton rower, and possibly the new premium/best Peloton bike. This application was actually first filed in January of 2020 – meaning Peloton’s original plans were to release at least one of these products earlier this year. However, Peloton pulled the plug on these plans and requested the FCC remove the application, stating that the pandemic had caused them to delay their product launches. On recent earnings calls and discussions with analysts, Peloton has stated they want their showrooms open before launching any new products. Over the last few weeks, Peloton has slowly started the process of reopening their showrooms around the world (although a few have been forced to re-close temporarily due to local conditions).

Some specs for this tablet previously leaked on Reddit, however, more recent reporting suggests the new tablet might actually be 23.8″ instead of the originally leaked 22″.

The FCC only allows documents to be kept private for at most 180 days. This would mean the console would be revelealed, at the latest, by December 20th, 2020. However, given the amount of sales Peloton does leading up to the holiday season, one would imagine that if at all possible, they would want to have the products in the market place well before then, allowing customers to have a chance to try them out and consider getting them.

We recently saw an analyst’s report that pegged new products as coming out in Q3 2020 – possibly late August or September sometime, which would match up with the timing from these new FCC filings as well.

[Although previous reports have indicated this is the same tablet that would be used on the eventual Peloton rower, recent comments & reports have indicated that the rower might not be coming to market as soon as originally expected/hoped by many people. Peloton has indicated that a third product line would be coming eventually, even adding an extra 4th studio for it in the new PSNY Peloton Studios New York mega studio. However, at this point it seems that the launch timeline for the rower is slowing down and it would be a major surprise to see it before 2021.]

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