The Approach: Path to Inversion with Kirra Michel – Handstand Yoga Peloton Training Program is available

This morning, Peloton launched their newest training program. This is the second program as part of “The Approach”, which is a multi-part yoga training series. The first in the program was Power Restorative Yoga with Ross Rayburn.

The newest program is called “Path to Inversion”, and is a two week program led by Kirra Michel. In it, Kirra helps guide members to working their way towards inversions – whether that ends up being a handstand, headstand, forearm stand, or just making progress.

In a recent Q&A, Kirra did caution members that if you’ve never done an inversion before, you shouldn’t expect to be able to do one by the end of the two weeks. Instead, this would give the foundation and techniques to work on, so you can repeat classes and make progress over time.

When announcing the program, Kirra said this:

Take classes 1-12 and then come back to any class along the way that was a struggle for you. The idea is to do these classes multiple times!!! As many as you need to!!! Which will more than likely, be a handful of times. So don’t get disheartened if you don’t have a handstand by the end of the two weeks. Set your expectations accordingly and stay determined! 💪🏼

Now, keep in mind, this isn’t an easy skill to attain. Two weeks will be a STRETCH unless you’ve already been working on Handstands for a while. I’d like you to think of this more as foundations. A place to return back to to train the body to be ready to go upside down. Whether that be for headstand, a forearm, or a handstand. This work can help and be applied to all of these inversions.

Kirra also described the program a little more during the Peloton Homecoming panel, which we covered here.

Overview of Peloton’s “Path to Inversion with Kirra” Program

Peloton’s “Path to Inversion with Kirra” Program Description

Here is the official description for “Path to Inversion with Kirra” from Peloton: “In this two-week program join Kirra to build the foundations for inversions through focused strength, mobility, and conditioning work.”

Peloton’s “Path to Inversion with Kirra” Program Badges

It wouldn’t be a Peloton program without badges (you can always find a full list here). You can earn a Bronze badge for completing 6 classes, Silver badge for completing 9 classes, Gold badge for completing 11 classes out of the total 12 classes.

How to join the Peloton Path to Inversion with Kirra program

At time of publishing programs can be joined from the Peloton Bikes, Tread, Peloton Digital app, or the Peloton website. Simply browse to the programs area, find the Path to Inversion with Kirra program, and join the program. You can join it from the website here.

Schedule & Class List for Peloton’s “Path to Inversion with Kirra” Program

The following is a list of the classes for each week which are part of the program. Note that as part of Peloton’s relaunch of programs, these classes are “locked” and only available as you progress through the program. However, you can visit any class name in the list below to find it, where you can then bookmark or add it to your stack and take it now if you want.

Week 1 Schedule & Class List for Path to Inversion with Kirra program on Peloton

Embark on the path to inversions with conditioning drills that will help you develop the strength and mobility needed to get upside down.

Day 1 – 30 min Foundations with Kirra Michel – 2022/05/23 @ 8:00am ET

Day 2 – 30 min Lower Body Mobility with Kirra Michel – 2022/05/23 @ 8:00am ET

Day 3 – 30 min Hollow Body + Line Work with Kirra Michel – 2022/05/23 @ 8:00am ET

Day 4 – 30 min Planks + Push Ups with Kirra Michel – 2022/05/23 @ 8:00am ET

Day 5 – 15 min The Exit Strategy with Kirra Michel – 2022/05/23 @ 8:00am ET

Day 7 – 20 min Upper Body + Core Strength with Kirra Michel – 2022/05/23 @ 8:00am ET

Week 2 Schedule & Class List for Path to Inversion with Kirra program on Peloton

Utilize the wall to help build your inversion practice and continue to develop the strength needed to get you there.
Note – These classes should be available starting May 30, 2022

Day 1 – 30 min Wall 101 with Kirra Michel – 2022/05/02 @ 4:45pm ET

Day 2 – 15 min Deep Core + Slider Work with Kirra Michel – 2022/04/04 @ 5:15pm ET

Day 3 – 30 min Wall Strength + Endurance with Kirra Michel – 2022/05/09 @ 4:15pm ET

Day 5 – 20 min The Entrance Strategy with Kirra Michel – 2022/04/13 @ 2:15pm ET

Day 6 – 20 min Conditioning + Kick Ups with Kirra Michel – 2022/04/13 @ 2:50pm ET

Day 7 – 30 min Balancing with Kirra Michel – 2022/04/18 @ 4:45pm ET

If you would like to find details about other training programs Peloton has, you can check out our page here for a list.

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