New Peloton Beginner Training Plan & Program: “You Can Ride” Beginner Cycling Program

In addition to the new Crush Your Core 2 program today, Peloton has released a new program designed for new members – specifically, for new riders. The program is called “You Can Ride” and was released on the Peloton platform on January 7.

Peloton You Can Ride cycling program.
Peloton You Can Ride cycling program.

Overview of Peloton’s “You Can Ride” Program

Peloton’s “You Can Ride” Program Description

The program description reads: “Clip in and join the family! Begin your Peloton journey with this 3-week program that gives you a taste of our different classes and instructors. From clipping in to understanding your touchscreen, you’ll be a pro in no time!”

The You Can Ride program contains nine classes and calls for three active days per week for three weeks. Classes are either 20 or 30 minutes in length. The instructors for the You Can Ride program are:

  • Leanne Hainsby
  • Alex Toussaint
  • Robin Arzón
  • Hannah Frankson
  • Camila Ramón
  • Sam Yo
  • Cody Rigsby
  • Emma Lovewell
  • Kendall Toole

The program contains brand new classes, including some with class titles that we’ve not yet seen in cycling, such as a 20 min. Advanced Beginner: HIIT Ride, a 20 min. Beginner Rock Ride, and a 20 min. Beginner Low Impact Ride.

Because You Can Ride is a program, the classes are not available in the general class list. Members must “start the program” and follow the recommended class schedule in order to access the content. However, using our lists, you can jump around the program as you wish and unlock the classes.

Schedule & Class List for Peloton’s “You Can Ride” Program

The following is a list of the classes for each week which are part of the program.

Week 1 Schedule & Class List for You Can Ride Beginner program on Peloton

This week is all about establishing a comfort level with your Peloton Bike, practicing proper form, meeting some of our instructors and having fun along the way!

Day 120 min Beginner Ride with Hannah Frankson – 2022/01/07 @ 10:00am ET

Day 320 min Beginner Rock Ride with Emma Lovewell – 2022/01/07 @ 10:00am ET

Day 520 min Beginner Low Impact Ride with Sam Yo – 2022/01/07 @ 10:00am ET

Week 2 Schedule & Class List for You Can Ride Beginner program on Peloton

Welcome to Week 2! Not only will you get to meet a few other instructors, but you will also rise out of the saddle for the first time. You got this!

Day 130 min Advanced Beginner Ride with Camila Ramón – 2022/01/07 @ 10:00am ET

Day 320 min Advanced Beginner: Pop Ride with Cody Rigsby – 2022/01/07 @ 10:00am ET

Day 520 min Advanced Beginner: HIIT Ride with Robin Arzón – 2022/01/07 @ 10:00am ET

Week 3 Schedule & Class List for You Can Ride Beginner program on Peloton

Enjoy your last week getting to experience your first climb and your first arms workout on the Bike. You’re almost there!

Day 120 min 90s Ride with Leanne Hainsby – 2022/01/07 @ 10:00am ET

Day 320 min Climb Ride with Alex Toussaint – 2022/01/07 @ 10:00am ET

Day 530 min Intervals & Arms Ride with Kendall Toole – 2022/01/07 @ 10:00am ET

If you would like to find details about other training programs Peloton has, you can check out our page here for a list.

How to join the Peloton You Can Ride Beginner Training program

If you want to enroll in the program to complete it chronologically from start to finish, simply click here, or find the programs tab on your Bike, Tread, or Peloton App.

If you’re looking for additional beginner cycling content, you can also check out the Mastering the Basics: Cycling program. This is a longer program that is intended to be completed over six weeks, and contains additional modalities such as arms toning, yoga, bike bootcamp, core strength, and resistance band classes. You can read more about the program in our guide.

You can also use the filter function to find additional beginner classes by navigating to the “class type” button and selecting “beginner.”

Peloton’s “You Can Ride” Program Badges

As with all Peloton programs, members will receive badges throughout You Can Ride depending on how much of the program they complete. You can earn a Bronze badge for completing 4 classes, Silver badge for completing 7 classes, Gold badge for completing 8 classes out of the total 9 classes. You can find a list of all other available badges here.

If you’re looking for what other programs Peloton has available, you can find a full list of them here.

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