Peloton relaunches Discover Your Power Zones as a 5-week program – List & Schedule of classes

Update – Once you finish the Discover Your Power Zones program, Peloton has created a follow-up program called “Build Your Power Zones”, which you can find all the details about here.

Peloton has revamped their popular beginner power zone training program, called “Discover Your Power Zones”. The program has had a new set of classes added, and with that, has been expanded to be a 5 week long program.

The power zone classes are led by four instructors: Matt Wilpers, Denis Morton, Christine D’Ercole, and Olivia Amato. Below you can find the full list of classes and suggested schedule for the 5 week Discover Your Power Zones training program on Peloton.

If you’re curious about what to expect in one of the specific rides, you can see a preview of the structure for any of these workouts using the free Home Fitness Buddy Power Zone Library & Timing tool. It will show you a preview graph of the structure, and then if you want, you can run the timer on your phone to show you when the zone changes are! We’ll include a link to the workout on Home Fitness Buddy for each class in the program so you can see what the ride will look like!

Screenshot of a graph from Home Fitness Buddy
The Home Fitness Buddy site allows you to see preview graphs like this.

List & Schedule of Peloton’s Discover Your Power Zones Training Program

Week 1 List & Class Schedule for Discover Your Power Zone Peloton Program
Week 2 List & Class Schedule for Discover Your Power Zone Peloton Program
Week 3 List & Class Schedule for Discover Your Power Zone Peloton Program
Week 4 List & Class Schedule for Discover Your Power Zone Peloton Program
Week 5 List & Class Schedule for Discover Your Power Zone Peloton Program

And thus begins the cycle. Once your zones start to feel easy, it might be time to retest!

If you are new to power zone training, and unsure about what to expect with your FTP best, be sure to check out our FTP Friday series of articles. You can find the first article here, where we walk through what power zone training is, and then follow on articles talk about the FTP test and when to expect increases or decreases.

Screenshot of Home Fitness Buddy Timer
A workout using the timer on the Home Fitness Buddy tool, showing how much time is left in your current zone, and what zones are next.

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  • Jodie says:

    Chris, I am starting Discover Your Power Zones with Peloton. Can I continue to strength train, yoga, and a few outdoor rides over the next 5 weeks. Does any of that detract from an improved FTP?? Thanks in advance!

  • Tammy McDaniel says:

    Yes, to the Yoga and Strength Training. Listen to your body on additional rides. You want to ensure you’re baking in recovery and rest days each week.

    If you can do that and get in a ride or two outdoors, you should be fine.

  • Almaretto75 says:

    I was in week 4 of training in the original program.. now with the new program..its like I’ve done nothing. That really sucks!

  • Tamara Moise says:

    The same thing happened to me too! I was in the middle of week 2. I guess I’ll just follow the schedule that they have posted here. But that does suck though.

  • Pat says:

    This same thing happened to me- one day into week 3 and now the program requires me to start over.
    Really disappointed in Peleton for not considering loads of people in the middle of a program

  • Stacey Bryant says:

    Same here. I was in Week 5…this really sucks

  • Stacey Bryant says:

    Incredibly frustrating!

  • Amelia320 says:

    Agree! I’m annoyed my progress was lost.

  • Patty says:

    I accidentally skipped a class. How do open that class up so I can do it?

  • Elizabeth says:

    I agree I was in week 4 of the discover power zones program and now it is like I have not done anything? I was told they know about it and are working on it?

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