Weekly Class Purge: Peloton Classes From March 9 – April 21, 2020 Removed from the On-Demand Library on September 8, 2023

Late in the evening on Friday, September 8th, Peloton performed their next round of class library mainteinance, or the purging of Peloton classes.

While the past several rounds of purges have covered around two or two and a half weeks, this round of class library maintenance was much larger than most members were expecting.

This week, most of the Peloton classes that had been filmed between March 9th 2020 & April 21st 2020 were removed. This was around 6 weeks, or 1.5 months of Peloton classes that were purged this round.

In addition the usual handful of special classes saved during this time, it also appears that most classes filmed on March 19 & 20 were saved – it’s not clear if they will be removed in a week or remain.

This time period contained a number of Peloton prenatal classes and Peloton prenatal classes which were kept. In addition, the Peloton Fit Family Fun classes were introduced during this time, and those classes were saved.

One thing to also be aware of is that this is the time period where Peloton was transitioning to the new studio, as well as dealing with the start of COVID so the schedule was lighter to begin with, and had random closures and days with no classes. Starting in mid-April is when the “Live From Home” classes began, and it remains to be seen if those will be saved or not.

The studio had a reduced schedule from March 13 – 15 due to an outbreak. Then, there were no classes from March 16 – 18 as Peloton transitioned from their old recording studio to the new PSNY building.

Around this same time Peloton announced studios would be closed to the public.

Peloton then had to cancel all PSNY classes between April 4 – 7 .

Below you’ll find the list of classes that were saved from this round of Peloton purges (note the March 19 & 20 classes are not listed yet, we’ll add them later).

Class library maintenance is Peloton’s removal of older classes from the on demand library, which has been taking place nearly weekly on Fridays since April of 2023. You can view the details ails of each removal in our articles from each week: April 28, May 5, May 12, May 19, May 26, June 2, June 9, June 16, June 23, June 30, July 7, July 14, July 21, July 28, August 4, August 11, August 18, August 25, and September 1.

You can find additional information about the process and rationale behind class library maintenance from our article at the time of the announcement.

Let us know in the comments if any of your favorites were impacted in the latest round of class library maintenance.

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