Peloton Prenatal

Complete list of Peloton Prenatal Classes & Schedule

Peloton has developed a series of prenatal classes, designed for expecting mothers. There are currently ride, yoga, meditation and strength options designed to help you continue to meet your goals during pregnancy. Peloton also has a series of postnatal classes as well.

Peloton has slowly been adding these prenatal classes over the last several years - the first of which was added in 2019. There will be sporadic updates and new classes dropped throughout the year, and then every now and then, a bigger collection of Peloton prenatal classes get added to the platform.

Some of these classes are part of a special collection on the Peloton platform as well, curated and led by Robin Arzon called Robin's Prenatal Class Series. However, many other instructors teach prenatal classes, including Anna Greenberg & Kristin McGee

In 2022, Peloton created a second special collection of prenatal & postnatal classes called "Strong as a Mother". However, like the first collection, it only includes a subset of the classes. You can find a more complete list of all the prenatal classes here!

In 2023, Robin Arzon began releasing some new prenatal classes as well. The first set released were new prenatal strength classes. In August 2023, two new prenatal rides and a prenatal strength from Robin were released as well.

Below is a complete list of all the prenatal Peloton classes that are available. This includes prenatal rides, prenatal strength classes, prenatal yoga classes, and more. As of 2022 there are also prenatal meditation classes. This list will continue to be updated as Peloton adds more.

Complete List of Prenatal Cycling Peloton Classes

Complete List of Prenatal Yoga Peloton Classes

Complete List of Prenatal Meditation Peloton Classes

Complete List of Prenatal Strength Peloton Classes

Note - you can find a full list of all other Peloton special interest series & classes here - as well as the list of classes for each series.

Special thanks to @ordinaryallie for wrangling class data.