Peloton Removes Classes from May 1-16, 2019 in Latest Class Library Maintenance / Class Purge

Another round of Peloton class library maintenance took place on Friday, May 12, resulting in the removal of classes filmed between May 1 and May 16, 2019. With a few exceptions, the oldest content in Peloton’s library dates back to May 17, 2019.

As a reminder, class library maintenance is Peloton’s removal of older classes from the on demand library that will take place more routinely on Fridays moving forward, as announced in April. The first set of classes were purged on April 28, and then another set was purged on May 5.

The May 12 removals marked the third consecutive week of classes being removed, and each time two weeks worth of classes have been removed. Though nearly all classes filmed between May 1 and May 16 have been deleted from the on demand library, two exceptions remain: a 30 min. 5K Race Prep with Matt Wilpers, and a 5 min. Core Strength with Emma Lovewell.

If this pattern continues, the next round of class library maintenance could result in Cody Rigsby’s Backstreet Boys Ride being removed. However, Peloton could make an exception and keep the class as they did with Robin Arzón’s Greatest Showman Ride. Peloton has previously said that exceptions will be made for classes that are exceptionally popular or part of a program.

However, the May 5 class library maintenance resulted in the removal of one of Christine D’Ercole’s Haleakalā Volcano rides – a series of five rides in which Christine recounts riding up the Haleakalā Volcano in Hawaii. Though not an official Peloton series, it’s a pretty popular unofficial series and many members were surprised to see it gone.

In addition, although the latest mass removal went through May 16, members have reported a handful of other classes outside of the two week period being removed. For example, a 30 min. Power Zone Max Ride with Matt Wilpers from May 17, 2019 was removed – even though most other classes from that date are still available as of publishing time.

If you missed the initial announcement regarding class library maintenance, you can read more details via our overview article.

We will continue to share updates regarding these more regular class removals as they become available.

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